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    Help!! with this Vendor Finance deal

    How would you approach the Bank If a property is in possession with the Bank and you want to buy it. How/who would you approach the Bank? Thanks
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    Help!! with this Vendor Finance deal

    the situation is like a Mortgage Repossession: The property was in litigation since 2009 and it just came of the litigation in october 2012. Because it was in litigation the owner did not have to pay any payments to the bank during the litigation period. Now the property is in the possession...
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    Dealing with real eatate agents, any good advice/strategies to not play their game?

    If you are so interested and you think there is something you can really get on a long run... then why don't you negotiate with the seller for a delayed settlement of that $10k. Or you can negotiate that include the stampduty in that price and let the seller pay the stamp duty than you (that...