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    Small townhouses vs luxury townhouse?

    Thinking of building townhouses in a very prime spot (think laneway off Drummond St in Melbourne or laneway off Crown St Surrey Hills Sydney type of location). I have an empty piece of backyard that I can subdivide out. Is it better to build 2-3 four level 70sqm townhouses that would...
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    Melbourne to run more

    Been a while I opened this part of the forum and 8 of the first 10 threads are about Melbourne. Looks like it's doing a catch-up to Sydney. High vs Higher
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    market near the top

    Everyone in the lifts and corridors at work are talking about buying properties and going to inspections. Overheard some new guy teaching his colleague how to get rich in properties by buying now. And my cousin who has an apartment suddenly thinks he is a property expert and wants to buy...
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    Compound Returns

    I was running some numbers today and just realised my wealth has had an average compound return of around 125% since 2008 from when I was a graduate. This includes rent, estimate capital growth, salary, shares etc, you name it. Which got me thinking about a few things about accumulating wealth...
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    History repeats - Sydney and Melbourne at record prices

    House prices still booming, led by Sydney THE house price boom shows no sign of cooling despite the onset of winter. PRICE growth in almost all capital cities in the three months to June has helped the median Australian house price soar almost 11 per cent in just 12 months. Sydney is leading...
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    ATO treatment of scrip bonuses

    Has ATO changed the treatment of taxation on shares you receive as part of your bonus package? 1. Do you have to pay tax on shares vested this financial year? 2. Do you have to pay tax on shares not vested but declared (however you may lose the shares if you leave employment before the...
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    Lending money to a company to buy property

    Some quick but difficult questions for the tax experts and lawyers. What are the implications of shareholders disproportinately injecting capital into a company (for the purpose of acquiring real estate)? The money can be presumably treated as: 1. Gift - Implications are the shareholders...
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    What happens when you have academics and lecturers run your state?

    So after all that mining boom and hoohah - Victoria is far richer and more developed than WA. Fresh from the papers. Western Australia is spending more than it is earning. This has become such a fixture of fiscal life in WA that it should be turned into a slogan for inscription on the next...
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    The Art of Gen X/Y

    When the market is weak as they have been in 2011 and 2012 in Sydney, people stay away because prices are low and may fall further. :eek: When prices jump and boom as they do now, people try to get in to the market because they're worried about missing the bandwagon...
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    Property Funds and AFS License Query

    Anyone have any experience setting up a property investment fund under say a MIS or MIF structure regulated by ASIC? Trying to get my head around responsible entity requirements, the AFS licensing, other ASIC compliance issued, the time required to do it, how much does it costs etc. I'm...
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    Clive Palmer vs Wayne Swan

    Announcement due later. Bye bye Swan.
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    What happens when you lose credibility

    Interesting to read about how the Greek Government is now trying to sell 50 billion Euros of national assets like airports etc, and no one wants to buy them. Pg 12 of Fin Review for people's interests. Among the reasons for this predicament were unpredicable government laws which destroyed...
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    Thank you USA for bringing the great crash...

    Last time we had a major property crash and recession, we had: - 1987: stock market crash - 1987 to 1989: property boom - 1990/91 - Gulf War and high oil prices - 1991 - Australian property crash Today, we have: - 2008: stock market crash - 2009 to 2010: property boom - 2011 ...
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    Toorak, you've done it again Nifty $11m profit in twelve months. If you lived in it, it would've been tax free. Ahhh here's something for the Jan Somers fan to think about.
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    Land tax & trust - legal q

    Any fellow lawyers know who the land tax is attributable to in a corporate trust situation? Is it the corporate trustee or the beneficiaries? I'm suspecting in a discretionary trust it would have to be the corporate trustee, since the beneficial ownership of the asset is not even clear in...