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    Pics of Your Pets!

    After seeing some pics of pets already in the other topics, I thought it would be cool to have a topic where people can post pics of all their pets. Plus because we all like to talk about our fur babies, feel free to write the weirdest things your pets do. I have two golden retrievers...
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    Which Colors To Paint House?

    Thinking of something like this: But with a medium/dark grey roof and gutters. For this house, I did a patch test of a slightly darker grey than the one in the above pic. Pic attached. So the light grey walls, white...
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    Kitchen Ceiling

    Was putting up new roof sheeting yesterday and slipped and went through the ceiling in the kitchen lol. I hate working with fibro so I just chucked up some vj boards I had instead. Now it's a "feature" :)
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    The Block Triple Threat Auction Results

    Crazy auction results. Market is definitely flying. Winner Dee and Daz got $835k above reserve, and the lowest result was 645k above with ayden and jess. What did others make of the results?
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    Torrenting Possible Fines What do people think about all of this? Luckily I'm not with iinet because although I didn't download the movie, I supply internet to lots of student...
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    Should I close the business?

    So recently I began a small relationship counselling business. It's always been something in the back of my mind. I guess it was a version of the grass is always greener on the other side. I am employed as a counsellor, but always had the idea of private practice. The only problem is...
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    Your guess at the valuation for this property?

    I've put 3 years of work into this property, I'm now looking to refinance. So currently stressing a bit about what valuation I'm going to get. Wondering what your thoughts are for this property. Purchased January 2012 median back then was $420 000 ? current median $475 000 (rpdata) ~12%...
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    Private Ten Pin Bowling Alley?

    Just been dreaming a bit lately. Was wondering if they would even allow you to build a bowling alley at a residential house? Brisbane City Council area? Does anyone know of anyone that actually supplies bowling alleys to the public in Qld? I wonder how hard it would be to DIY if you had...
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    Can I deduct interest payments in this situation?

    I've probably created a mess here... not sure. 4 properties in total. I refinanced one IP so went from borrowing $336 000 to $432 000 I used that $96 000 to add 4 bedrooms to my PPOR which I rent out for $660 pw. Can I deduct the interest paid on that $96 000 against one of my...
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    Westpac...words fail

    Applied to westpac to buy out the half share of my sisters joint ownership of a property. Privacy documents submitted through my broker 31st/10th/2014 Valuation carried out in november 2014, early november valuation submitted to westpac. 21/1/2015 westpac finally acknowledges receipt of...
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    The Next Project Reno 5 Bedrooms 2 Offices 2 Lounge rooms Kitchen Dinning Kitchenette 2 Bathrooms Moving the above house onto a block I have in Salisbury QLD. $16k for the house, $33k to move, we will stump ourselves for...
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    Qld Election

    Who to vote for? Does anyone know the break down of the different policies without all the media/political spin?
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    Starting a New Small Business Any Tips?

    So I've just opened up a small relationship counselling business. Just based from a home office. I do enjoy relationship counselling, it's a good challenge, and can have rewarding results. I've done a similar business previously... 5 years ago. Back when I was only 2 years into my psych...
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    Refinance with JV property

    Hi, any help appreciated. Scenario is: House currently owned by myself and my wife 50% and my parents 50%. My parents don't have enough serviceability to borrow more if we refinanced the house. However we would have enough serviceability to borrow more even if we only counted half of...
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    Your thoughts on this house to design to build?

    Looking to build a share house with my dad as a rental. 4 rooms $180 rent each as they have an ensuite each. So it will have a good return. I like the floor plan. But my dad has suggested the cut away roof. I'm leaning towards a traditional roof. What are people's thoughts about the...
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    brisbane massive hail storm

    Holy **** that was a ridiculous storm. All my houses have smashed in windows and rain in everywhere. Cars dented all over. Bloody crazy.
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    Can I sue the realestate agent?

    As you can see from my other thread. The subdivision that council initially told me would be approved. Has been rejected. No subdivision is possible. Now the ad for the property by the realestate agent stated the property was subdividable. "This is a perfectly positioned 1012m2 corner...
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    BCC just bent us over. Need a solicitor.

    Purchased a property in Salisbury 4107 (23 Toorak Rd) with my parents with the intent to subdivide into 2 blocks. Original block 1012m2 corner block. It's close to a waterway but hasn't flooded in many years, not even in the 1974 Brisbane flood. Anyway because it was close to the...
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    Buying out joint owner, what's required?

    Hi, my sister is selling me her half of a QLD property I own with her. The loan is with westpac. The new loan I'll have to take out to buy my sisters share will also be with westpac. Now what is required? I've heard conflicting info. Do I need a contract of sale? Broker said I need...
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    Tax time, what's your rental profit?

    Wife just worked out all the costs etc... for the three investment properties we have for our tax. Owned them for 2-3 years all up. After all expenses profit was $15 000 this financial year. Pretty happy with that. Should be a fair bit better next year though. Just wondering what...