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    Is the axe being sharpened..

    The more one reads into the former occupations of some within Labor and with the start of the build up in media assassinations,will this just another killing field episode part 2,in 12 months time...
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    Will you have a Job in 2025..

    From what one reads,5 Million jobs in Australia may well disappear over the next 10-15 years,change is happening everyday,and if this is going to be the case what jobs will be still there?..
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    Alan Bond..

    Looks like Mr Alan Bond may have passed
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    Anyone Have A Spare 100mil.. When you look inside a place like this,and the person who once lived there is it worth the money..
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    BESTUSE Real-Estate..

    Just wondering if anyone with lmr high density 4plus storeys sites in inner Brisbane has had a free development potential reports sent to them by the above real estate sales company,i have had several letters from this company,because from the way I read the letter,they are saying to sell now...
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    How do you get someone to turn up at Court..

    To cut a long story short without too much clarity,,my Wife has been trying to help one of her mates,to complete a divorce-property settlement,the Lady left the gentleman about 9 years ago,due too the fact he told her after they were married he did not want children,plus his money was his and...
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    How do you qualify a future Son in Law..

    My guess is with the age group span within this site,a lot of people would have grandkids,and their children married and in their own life,so I'm just wondering what did you look for in someone that comes into the family circle and looks like they are going to be around for a while, one of our...
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    One House Sold Every 4 minutes..

    Lately iv'e been getting several letters a month from real estate agents acting for their clients and start up developers for "JV's",every letter is different and carefully worded,but one statement in one letter stood out the real estate company this Lady works for,sells a property every 4...
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    Even with this house being past in,from the purchase price 1.3 mill four years ago,and passed in for $360,000,must be a risk blind person that paided that price thinking it was going to double in that time frame from what they were maybe told from the property gurus that were sold on the...
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    What has a politician or party ever done for you?..

    Maybe this time next week Australia will have a new well dressed Lady PM, everyone I have talked in the past few weeks all different age groups different lifestyles have turned against Mr-Abbott very quickly,politicans these days with social media uploads and their mistakes don't last long, so...
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    How low will Petrol prices go??.

    Oil is now cheaper then it was priced in 2009,and it is one of the worlds most valuable traded raw commodity,this has the power to lift entire countries or bring them down,China has spent billions in the Sudan on entire pipelines to bring the crude from the southern oil fields to it's northern...
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    Anyone seen The Water Diviner?..

    Have not seen a Movie -Cinema packed liked today,maybe it was the rain or something ,but this historical slick fictional drama is a standout,directed by Russell Crowe,the plot written by Andrew-Anastasios ,the wife started crying half way the Lady next to me did the same and I had the teardrop...
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    Hawaii cheaper..

    Makes me wonder when one reads what some people think they can do in Bali..
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    Great Southern investors ..

    Just wondering did anyone in this site invest in this company?,pity the investors the way this has finished and I know a few myself that did and were talking about sensational results till the #### hit the high speed fans and they are not talking now..imho...
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    John Peel Lecture 2014..

    Not sure if many people within this site are into music and the people that have made it from the 1950's onwards,there is a lot within this lecture that can be used in any business model,and some very good one liners in Iggy-Pop style in business..imho..
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    What a Business Name..Marley-Natural..

    Looks like decriminalisation of cannabis is starting to gain serious traction now,but it will be interesting to see what happens in places like Nimbin and several other Nth-Nsw costal towns in that area,might even register a few business names myself to onsell when this country goes down the...
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    325 million for 13 years...

    One starts to wonder when you read about sports people like Giancarlo Stanton's new contract $154,321 per game,or about 25 million per season this would have to be one of big deals ever in sport,the Casino operators would be waiting for this person to walk in their door...
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    What Will The "Free-Trade-Aggrement"with China do for Australia..

    Just watching the free trade agreement being signed in Canberra with Xi-Jinping China,s strongest leader in many years,what do others think about this?.. If ones was to study this Powerful Man, from his younger days when his Father was purged and exiled to the Shaanxi province and lived in...
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    BESTUSE Real-Esate..

    Just wondering if anyone has used this company in Brisbane,they seem to be a real estate agency specializing in selling development sites,and have a 5 step-blue-print for selling development sites.. I have nothing to do with this company they just sent me several letters for a free...
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    Queensland Former Premier Dies..

    Was reading the former Premier Wayne-Goss has passed away,this Gentleman who unlike all the other Labor Premiers left Queensland a lot better then others ever did ,,and changed so many laws that the people of Qld wanted changed.."R I P"...