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  1. Redwood

    Caveats and Tips on buying OTP in Brisbane with SMSF ?

    Hi there - Risks of OTP - well there are many. Refer to earlier posts which have them covered. Quick points: 1. Review the contract carefully, look at the terms of the contract and review plan of subdivision and compare that to the brochure that has been presented. i.e measure the real...
  2. Redwood

    Mortgage broker with experience in the Malaysian market needed

    I have a Malaysian Broker that works with me - credit rep here in oz with a ton of experience in Malaysia, let me know if you would like his contact details by pm. Certain he can assist. Cheers Ivan
  3. Redwood

    Worst Melbourne suburb within 15km of the City (excluding the West)

    Still suffering a perception problem with the population, however it has caught up in the last 12 months... I love footscray, however I am seeing apartments now up to $7500 per sqm with no car park when 12 months ago you could secure a 1br for $300k at $6500 psqm with a car park. I'm...
  4. Redwood

    Worst Melbourne suburb within 15km of the City (excluding the West)

    Re the OP - are you asking to live in or to invest? Had a bit of a laugh at a few posts. For investments - I would not touch Brunswick, and for living would not live in Heidelberg but would consider investing there for sure. Clayton is a awesome place - as is Noble Park and Springvale but...
  5. Redwood

    Glen Waverley auction today $5,505,000!!

    No they are old houses....there have been a number of them - one was 800sqm and sold for $2.57m. Its insane - I was just at one on Waverley rd (wheelers hill) which got passed in (brand new porter davis house) - only bidders were chinese. By the way 54 Monclair sold for $5.1 million in Dec...
  6. Redwood

    Where in Melbourne

    Hi Sneak - Congrats first on looking outside Sydney. I would not buy in Brunswick, way to much oversupply in this price range. Footscray has become very popular in the last 12 months with apartments now selling over $7000 psqm and most one bedders now do not have a car park. Love...
  7. Redwood

    Chadstone v Hughesdale v Oakleigh

    Indeed they are Cong. Oakleigh has a significant amount of development and Hughesdale is closeby. I'm always looking for townhouses in the hughesdale/ clayton area so please let me know if anyone is selling. Chaddy is a interesting beast, you can still get some affordable property past...
  8. Redwood

    Glen Waverley auction today $5,505,000!!

    You have had houses within 1 km of GW central sell for $2.5 plus. This is smack bang in the middle of GW so I believe this one would be worth $3-3.5m - then take account of the fact that you can add 10 stories to it. Will be interesting to see if the buyer was an international buyer and if they...
  9. Redwood

    Footscray - apartments

    None of the links work? Back to Footscray, I am a huge fan of Footscray. Can be measured as less than 5km to the city with excellent public transport (trains and buses) and good rental yields. In the 1 bedroom space you are able to secure a one bedroom for around $6500 per sqm and lesser on 2...
  10. Redwood

    Need to know more SMSF to buy a property

    Hi there, There is no minimum balance in a SMSF, it really depends on your investment strategy. In the above example, sure it can be done, however with the buffer, forget about the lender, worry about the member, the buffer will need to consider the following: 1. Does your rent cover your...
  11. Redwood

    SMSF Resi Finance lender help needed!!

    Hi there, Given its an established property you have more options. La Trobe will not do a 80% lend unless special approval obtained and the rate will be 6.99%. Bank of Mel may be your best bet at 5.45% with offset, given the value of the purchase you will need to meet their...
  12. Redwood

    St George SMSF

    I don't mind this policy update by St George at all Shahin. For some time, SMSF Lenders have implemented a 'loose' criteria for minimum balance which can easily be influenced. Personally - I recommend any SMSF should have a sufficient buffer after purchasing property, 10% is a minimum if not...
  13. Redwood

    Mortgage broker smsf

    NAB's SMSF product was a joke - they had an internal legal team who would just make things difficult for clients, and after dealing with them you surely would not go back for seconds and at least $2100 for the experience. They are the only lender where we cannot contact lawyers direct to resolve...
  14. Redwood

    Glen Waverley - Not slowing down!

    Its not really the apartments - that boom has not started yet - just Ikon went up and the new ones will be double the size. The chinese started moving years ago, the fragment of chinese community brought everyone here, paying ridiculous amounts for old houses to redevelop (without FIRB...
  15. Redwood

    Glen Waverley - Not slowing down!

    Even more hype - I was going to buy a combined development on Tobias 16 months ago for $1.6m...
  16. Redwood

    Glen Waverley - Not slowing down!

    We are heavily reliant on 'them' are we - so were the mining towns, but I don't see that repeating itself in suburban Melbourne not for a while yet.
  17. Redwood

    Glen Waverley - Not slowing down!

    I personally don't see GW crashing down anytime soon - its anyones guess but not for 12-18 months at least given the current developments going up, a suburb that has been benefiting from the GW boom is the neighbouring Wantirna Sth, not so sure about Rowville. I am not sure if this has been...
  18. Redwood

    regional Vic vs Brisbane

    Hi there, A simple answer is that Brisbane is a large capital city and perhaps third largest growing city in Aus behind Syd and Melbourne, it has significant population growth - infrastructure growth which is obviously providing demand in metropolitan Brisbane. Regional Victoria - well it...
  19. Redwood

    Buy my IP through SMSF

    Hi there foxy, A question many people ask, you cannot purchase residential property of a member or RP, unless it satisfies the definition of Business Real Property, this is not just limited to commercial property, there are some strategies that can be utilised including if the residential...