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    New purchase, where to link offset account PPOR or IP?

    Hi all, After purchasing my first property (IP) two years ago, I have just purchased my second property (PPOR). The past 2 years I have had an offset account linked to my IP loan which is interest only. My question is, now that I will have an IP and a PPOR which loan should I link the offset...
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    Carlton 1 Bedroom Apartment

    Hi, I am looking at investing in this block I just wanted to see what the wise people on here think :) Feel free to reply with a yes/no and why or elaborate if you wish!
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    Setting up a Family Trust

    Hi all, I would love to hear your opinions on the Advantages and Disadvantages of setting up a Family Trust to purchase property under as oppose to regularly purchasing under your own name. Cheers
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    First Home Buyers Grant After Buying IP

    Hi all, Most likely a simple Q and A but I have heard/read conflicting opinions recently... If your first property purchase was an IP which you had never lived in, could you later purchase a property to live in and claim the First Home Buyers Grant? Cheers
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    Advice to 23yo wanting to build an investment portfolio

    Hi SS, I have read a lot of take home messages on this forum and now browse daily, I was hoping to get some advice/tips for my situation from any body that is willing to assist. I am a 23yo, still living at home, expecting to get full time employment in the coming weeks (50k per annum) and...
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    IP Tenants In Common Loan

    Hi Somersoft, This is my situation, I am in my early 20's and had saved up a healthy deposit. Due to still studying and not having a full time income I had difficulty gaining a loan but I wanted to do so in order to get in the property market a couple of years earlier and rent it out whilst...
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    Common Tenants Purchase!

    Hi Investors, I have been reading all your advice on here the last couple of years, big fan of The Y Man! And last Monday i made the leap and bought my first property :) Heres my situation... I am 22yo and had saved up a large deposit, although because i am still studying and not...