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  1. mary&mat

    pet get well stories

    ... moral of the story, don't give your dogs any bones, my vet said its an absolute no no.... cooked or not cooked. Really? This always confuses me. At our puppy training, we had a session on diet & were advised to give our dog raw chicken carcasses / raw lamb bones etc, cooked vegies...
  2. mary&mat

    Can this be developed for 2 townhouses

    Just call the Council & they can give you a 'yes' 'no' answer in about 10 seconds. (Bit easier than being 'testy' on here with others that are offering advice) :)
  3. mary&mat

    Water damamaged carpet - who pays?

    That's what I thought originally as OC failed to act expediently when we alerted them to the 'dribble'. Should i pass bill onto them & see what they say? (It's about $6 - 700) Thanks handyandy!
  4. mary&mat

    Water damamaged carpet - who pays?

    Aww, thanks for your reply dtraeger2K! PM advised 'Oh, insurance never pays for carpet.' I will follow up with above unit's owner's insurance
  5. mary&mat

    Water damamaged carpet - who pays?

    Hi all, Long story short: PM advised Owners Corp of water leak from above flat the Tues before Anzac Day public hol. Owners corp did nothing til Fri at which time the water dribbling down the wall turned into a flood ruining carpet, wardrobe (seized shut), hole in plaster ceiling resulting in...
  6. mary&mat

    Congratulations- Somersoft wedding today

    Congrats to you both - & wow, a lil one (or two?) on the way too! Life is beautiful :)
  7. mary&mat

    A practical example of socialism

    Ha ha, that's gold...or is it copper?
  8. mary&mat


    Awww, Thanks for sharing the love vb!
  9. mary&mat

    what if i'm on the receiving end of an unfair will.

    Life's what you make it. Suck it up, move on & appreciate what you have here & now. Leave the bickering to those with selfish hearts & too much time on their hands
  10. mary&mat

    Neighbour issue , what do you think of this ?

    Sorry, guilty of skimming too (except Dazz's bits cos they're always funny, except when they're directed at me, then it takes me a few days to see 'the funny') Anyhoo, I believe naturestrips are Council-controlled land. Generally, you're not allowed to place any 'thing' on council-controlled...
  11. mary&mat

    christmas pressie

    I'm embracing my inner nerd this year & have asked for a metal detector so I can be one of those ridiculed people walking along the beach finding 'treasures' Mat has already said he will be walking at least 10 metres away from me....that's until I find the booty heh heh, then we'll see who...
  12. mary&mat

    Would you prefer to receive a lower inheritance sooner or a higher inheritance later.

    You can only make a decision in the present with the knowledge you have now. If only we could flip open the crystal ball app on our iphones & see what 15 years would be like. I agree, sentimentality aside, take the money now & make use of it. It may not be there in 15 years & neither might...
  13. mary&mat

    How to introduce dogs?

    Good luck! Yes, please give an update as I obviously have an interest in dogs! Thanks for sharing
  14. mary&mat

    How to introduce dogs?

    Oh, ok. It doesn't sound great, but it doesn't sound like the worst situation either. Sounds like lil dog is the leader. (Little dogs can do a lot of damage; one attack with 2 terriers on another dog left an owner with about $8K vet bill!) Does the smaller dog take the lead when the dogs...
  15. mary&mat

    What will help us increase rent in 2 bedrm flat good suburb Melbourne

    Dishwasher? Euro laundry? More storage cupboards? Built in robes? Pets allowed?
  16. mary&mat

    Daniel Morcombe

    An island in the middle of nowhere, no mod cons, no guards required & no escape possible, preferably with feral animals that want to eat them
  17. mary&mat

    Looking to buy off the plan

    Hi WW, Have a search of threads re off the plan - appears there are some pitfalls. Have you thought about buying an already established apartment?
  18. mary&mat

    Dogs used for dog fighting

    True. I think the shelter bears some of the responsibility. They should have temperament tested the dog a bit more. They should have interviewed you & your family & your particular needs as well. Perhaps they didn't match you with the dog very well. Good to know you interviewed the...
  19. mary&mat

    How to introduce dogs?

    True what vb says about the leash. They can sometimes make the dog feel trapped/restrained & thereby make it become defensive/aggressive. But it does give you an element of control if you're not sure of the situation.
  20. mary&mat

    How to introduce dogs?

    Have a look at their body language & vocalisations too: are they play bowing when they're close together? is the barking deep or extremely high pitched, aggressive, teeth-baring stuff or just a more neutral tone? is the body rigid & preparing for action or is it more relaxed? (are they...