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    TT It's not our fault

    TT it`s not our fault Actually these two were born in Southern Sydney and if you judge their age you can see they have been here more than 8 years. I would say they are trying to pull off another scam. They scammed me out of a tad under $50K. They also scammed another couple who live a...
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    blacktown council subdivision

    Just now looking to go ahead with a dual occ to strata division at the moment. Got all building and DA costs etc, but just heard through someone that Sutherland Council charge $12,000 per bedroom to change the title. The planner knocks off at 1pm so can`t contact them now. Is this true? If so...
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    Which shares to buy now?

    ""Can anyone here see the All Ords falling to a low of 2700? That has been a low that has been tested quite a few years back."" I was reading somewhere a few days ago that 2700 would be the turning point, only if it dropped there fairly quickly though, not up and down up and down to get there...
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    Which shares to buy now?

    Gold gold gold Market is going down Lihir is a good buy IIG for a cheap speccy with a big future
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    Sutherland Council charges

    I`m looking to do a subdivision within the Sutherland Shire. It will be a straight cut down the centre leaving a common driveway up the side for access (Battleaxe block at rear will be the result). The block is level from corner to corner (so water can feed to street), with existing house at...
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    Subdividing mums block

    Great point there. I actually have a trust set up already which is sitting there doing nothing. Shouldn`t be too much drama assigning mum as a trustee. It is inevitable that mums property will be security over the loan and I think that with a view to her retirement fund benefiting from the...
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    Subdividing mums block

    Thanks. Yep it will be short term and I would be capitalising the interest, for which would hopefully be a construction loan feeding us (or moreso the home building co.) bits at certain steps in the process. Block value apprx $500k New house with subdivision apprx $150k 150k @ 9% =...
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    Subdividing mums block

    What would be the most economical strategy? Mums block is unencumbered but she only has a part time job which isn`t enough to service a loan. I can service it to enable the subdivision with new house at the rear. I can`t borrow against anything myself so can mum and I jointly borrow with...
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    Budget <$200K - Suggestions?

    "I think they'd definitely ask what the employment plans are if we are moving interstate.." I would think that they only want to know your history so that you are known to have had an income enough to cover repayments. Remember Peter Spanns words when it comes to lenders. "Banks make...
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    Townsville - gone ballistic?

    Nth & Sth of Townsville I was up in Townsville last year for a look around and liked the feel of the Ayr. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether the towns South such as Ayr and Home Hill would be like for potential growth. Ayr had ann growth of 24% in the last year with Home Hill having...
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    Sydney forumites

    Come and see where God would live if he was an Aussie.
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    PPOR Contract Price

    1 - negotiate a price that is 20% under market 2 - add 20% value through rennovation, development or change of use This is the more logical and honest way. and definitely more feasible according to Aussie John. I don`t think I could gamble on the integrity of the Vendor keeping their...
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    PPOR Contract Price

    Soon I will start looking for our PPOR. I have been told that it would benefit me if I can have the written contract price 50K to 150K over the actual price paid, providing the Vendor is OK with it. From what I understand this will allow me to lend alot more LVR wise to the point where I may...
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    Buying in the US

    File was too big, see how this goes.
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    Buying in the US

    Research Jimmy, Here`s a list of useful sites that have helped me out in the bottomless pit of US investing. Still waiting to close on 3 properties, may only end up being one, since July. Looks like early next week is the go. Hope the attachment works, it`s 9 pages worth, too long to...
  16. Mobile loungeroom

    Mobile loungeroom

    They deliver the room fitted out
  17. Burgh Reno

    Burgh Reno

    After the dust cleared
  18. Home Hill

    Home Hill

    Nice little bargain that got away due to lack of LMI in this area!
  19. Need Colorbond

    Need Colorbond

    A little Aussie Colorbond roofing would enhance this areas appeal. Kintamani looking towards Mt Batur
  20. Open Plan

    Open Plan

    Back to basics open plan design. Lack of walls eliminate need for A/C.