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    Sydney: Home buyers line up for three days to purchase property Is the Sydney market really overheated?
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    Which books to start with

    I'd suggest starting with Jan's book(s) and then reading the investor interviews on this website.
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    Improve Cashflow: Own your own ATM

    They're probably worth talking to because if you don't go with an ATM then they can fix you up with some North Dakota Oil Housing or perhaps a shipping container...
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    Grattan Institute: Who lives where reports

    These reports show the changing demographics in some of our major cities. Might be useful to some.
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    Unit in Harristown Toowoomba?

    A big thank you to all those who replied, you've saved me a trip.
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    The secret to my success

    Everyone wants to know what the secret is. The "not knowing" part is the driver imho. For the next chapter maybe add in "free". If you combine that with secret, win and powerball, then you may cause the website to go into meltdown. :eek:
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    Valuations - off the plan

    I was thinking more along the lines of Hydrogen Krypton :)
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    Unit in Harristown Toowoomba?

    Could anyone with knowledge of Toowoomba let me know your thoughts on the area? I'm looking at unit in Phyllis Street. I've done some research online and found a variety of different opinions on the area. Similar to this one...
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    Valuations - off the plan

    That sounds like the strategy of that spruiker from the early noughties who use to charge about $15K for education. (I don't we're allowed to use his name for legal reasons).
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    The secret to my success

    I wonder if See_Change is taking the same approach as the book Think and Grow Rich - continually refer to a secret which the reader needs to discover but never actually spell out what the secret is? That way each reader can discover, or make up, their own secret. Either that or end up reading...
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    Raising to legal height - how much value would it add?

    Hi, We've got a 2 bedroom house in Paddington, Brisbane. It has been raised and built under but was NOT raised to legal height. So the downstairs rooms used for bedroom, lounge etc are technically only storage areas. I'd appreciate any comments or feedback on the following questions. 1...
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    Foreign Lenders on their way

    Agree. Many are niche players or have specific objectives in Australia. Arab Bank for example.
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    Google & Facebook Ads

    This is a classic marketing problem. In your case t's very difficult to accurately link the hits on your Facebook page directly to sales from your physical store. It's the same story with print advertising in a magazine, unless of course you are advertising a specific deal, competition or...
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    Is there a viable alternative to ebay ?

    Oztion used to be a local alternative. Now called
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    Interest Rates... Which way next ???

    That's interesting. Do you have any data which shows Cash Rate Futures against actual movements?
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    Air Con Installers - Rozelle, Sydney?

    I've posted this before but I'll repeat it again anyway. I purchased an air conditioning at a really good price myself but the had a lot of trouble getting anyone to install it. Virtually everyone I contacted were only interested in doing the installation if they also supplied the unit.
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    Accounting Fees - what should I expect to pay

    Thanks for all the replies. I realise that I asked a fairly general question and that accounting is a broad topic with different levels of skill and expertise. Perhaps I could have asked what people consider a low rate or a high rate. Based on the feedback so far it seems like a rate of...
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    Accounting Fees - what should I expect to pay

    What is a reasonable hourly rate to pay for an accountant in Sydney to deal with business accounting, personal tax matters and super fund accounting/auditing? What rates are others paying?
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    Recommend an air conditioner installer

    I purchased my own Air Conditioner and I've had major challenges trying to get someone to install it. Most installers I've spoken to just aren't interested unless they are also providing the unit.