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  1. twodogs

    Thanks somersoft community

    Quickly before the lights are turned off... A genuine thank you to the Somers, to the moderators and to the all the constructive members of this wonderful forum. Twodogs.
  2. twodogs

    Can Fixed Rates go any lower ?

    amp 5yr is up 2 weeks ago
  3. twodogs

    Renting villa to your mum.

    How is gaining income and declaring it tax fraud?
  4. twodogs

    Renting villa to your mum.

    Downside is property is cash flow positive and I potentially pay tax. Gifts don't reduce the income... Upside is my Mum gets to live in a nice place she could not otherwise afford, with a garden, only a few steps and with a dog. All good. And downside... is my serviceability is now more...
  5. twodogs

    Renting villa to your mum.

    Been doing this for many years. I get an agent rent appraisal done every few years and from that I deduct 10% for a no-agent arrangement and call that market rent. It is direct debited monthly. I also give my Mum lots of gifts, but that has nothing to do with this.
  6. twodogs

    Howling dogs

    My 2 just go to sleep. They do however sleep right next to the front door the whole until i come home, don't move at all. I know as i have a dogcam and watch them all day from the office or phone. if i take one dog and leave the other alone, then the soft sad howling starts.
  7. twodogs

    Fast and slow words

    Nicely put, very succinct. But, still wouldn't make the wife understand.
  8. twodogs

    borrow funds against your IP to invest in fully franked equities..

    not to criticse the plan, the concept is good, but consider that $23k is 2.3% return on investment, you could loose that in a day. If It's that easy we would all do it. As it happens, i only ever buy shares with redrawn funds, but the source of the funding has no connection to the investment.
  9. twodogs

    Sly Budget Changes

    Changes to Meal Entertainment and venue hire perk, err, benefit.
  10. twodogs

    foxtel "your money your call"

    I listen to all of the above for free, just subscribe to the podcasts. Ditto Sam Henderson, good communicator. Ditto Lomas, but she does know what she is talking about, even if sometimes that is about her...
  11. twodogs

    Shorting Aussie Stocks - Does anyone do it?

    buy puts, sell calls, open a cfd position. These are all shorting, just not the short you are probably thinking of. Easy to do, just as effective, just as dangerous, just as easy to loose your dough if you have no plan, or dont follow a plan you have.
  12. twodogs

    RIP Malcolm Fraser

    A good man who will be remembered , and in a good light , long after today's buffoons are voted out. Very sad, another great loss.
  13. twodogs

    SMS through the internet

    For work, I wrote software to use 4 GSM modem (used to be Nokia phones) to send about 20,000 SMS per year. Each phone has a capped Vodafone plan and cost works out about 2c each. Works both ways and receives SMS as well. Much cheaper than online platforms, but downsides: - you have to...
  14. twodogs

    Your Property Team- Intensive sessions 2015

    Did the Sydney event happen at all?? As mentioned in another topic, YMYC was all quiet on Monday, not a peep about the Sydney event and no self promotion about Melbourne. I'm sure it would be a very informative day, but perhaps just cost too much.
  15. twodogs

    Lomas - Where to start? Did anyone go to Sydney? That and the upcoming Melbourne event were not mentioned in Monday's Your Money You Call, all quiet.... very unusual to have no self promotion in her script.
  16. twodogs

    conrete contractor ryde/marsfield nsw

    Need a 5x7 stenciled concrete patio done in a villa in Marshfield, can anyone recommend a conreter in the area? Thanks.
  17. twodogs

    Lomas - Where to start?

    On this subject, does anyone think this is worth $410......:rolleyes:
  18. twodogs

    good property podcasts?
  19. twodogs

    Received my land tax bill today!

    Actually, they want their cake regardless of if you make money.