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  1. twodogs

    conrete contractor ryde/marsfield nsw

    Need a 5x7 stenciled concrete patio done in a villa in Marshfield, can anyone recommend a conreter in the area? Thanks.
  2. twodogs

    Willmot NSW 2770

    I'm looking to sell a property in Willmot that I?ve held for 20 years, with the same tenant for nearly 18 years. Bought to develop but I never got around to doing anything other than rent it out. Now something has to go and this one is on the list. Flat corner lot 676 sqm with sewer...
  3. twodogs

    Switzer and property prices

    Interesting interview with Ron someone, first part is about property prices and why bullish to flat at minimum. Chart shows prices are coming out of a plateau, just like before. Rest of interview is on shares, you...
  4. twodogs

    DIY Metal Pergola Supplies

    Looking to add small pergola/awning myself but in metal not timber. Can anyone suggest a supplier for DIY system of poles, beams, rafters etc? I seen Stratco but do not really like their fluted style and would prefer smooth surfaced posts. I've seen this around, but can't find who supplies.
  5. twodogs

    It's Tick Time

    Just pulled another tick off one of my dogs, it's that time of year again. This was a small one so no harm done as it was found quickly, but be careful dog lovers and don't just trust the tick guard, you have to also check all over the dog's skin, paws, ears and bum.
  6. twodogs

    Granny Flat - But where is the back yard?

    A question for the granny flat planning gurus. Attached is a common type of ex-DHA property in postcode 2770. House "faces" a footpath and the street address is a road. Ugly road full of fences and garages, but still a road. Where is the frontage for planning purposes !
  7. twodogs

    Sydney Water Sewer Mains Extension

    Can anyone please advise possible costs for Sydney Water mains extension? It would be about 50 m, so a "major" project, but only 1.5 m deep I know the system utterly controlled by a select few (didn't say rigged, but close to it) and there are many hands out along the way. This is for a...
  8. twodogs

    Kurri Kurri, Weston, Abemain etc

    Would anyone care to give their thoughts on this row of towns in the Hunter? Many changes up that way now so some local knowledge or experience would be good. Thanks :)
  9. twodogs

    New Motorbike

    I need a treat, not that I deserve one at all, but I have rationalised that buying a new bike would be therapeutic. My current Ducati SS is unregistered and unloved, after we had a falling out some years ago. I have been a Ducati man for as long as I remember, which means I'm also getting a...
  10. twodogs

    Website that shows site plan

    About a month ago a link was posted that allowed searches for real estate and also provided a site plan/dimensions. I searched and searched but can no longer find the link. Can anyone help ? An example is attached.
  11. twodogs

    "Death by unnatural causes"

    I see this from time to time in RE ads, I guess is to warn people who may have a cultural sensitivity. Does another know more about the problems with owning a property which has had such a thing occur?
  12. twodogs

    Cement render over painted brick

    How well does normal cement render work when applied to painted brick? I believe the modern acrylic products may work, but can convention render be made to stick OK?
  13. twodogs

    Secondary Dwellings (Granny Flats) - Separation

    A question for the drafties and planners please - when putting a detached granny flat on a lot, what is the minimum separation from the existing house? I guess having windows or not, cladding etc would effect the distance but what are the basics? Thanks
  14. twodogs

    So, you want finance do you ?

    This says it all about our banks right now,,6636784,00.jpg
  15. twodogs

    Pollies Properties

    SMH 22/10/08 Browns 18 houses You'd think with all these pollies with property, NSW would have a less nasty land tax.
  16. twodogs

    Time for Name Change

    Times have changed. In 1996 I had a spare $100k to spend. I used $20k as deposit for an $80k block of land that sat vacant for a year, and then I borrowed another $100k and put a house on it. A few years later I obtained my DA to build a couple more houses on the same block. I might build...
  17. twodogs

    Power Of Choice - Anyone going? Anyone going? For a 1 day event, $99 is OK. Not sure at what level of investor this is aimed (and hence worth my time). Or perhaps, at worst, it is just an 8 hour ad for their services. I am considering as I need at little...
  18. twodogs

    The King is dead

    Got a shock this morning reading SMH on-line :eek: It was fixed a few minutes later, but attached is how it looked before.
  19. twodogs

    DA Expiry - Law changes

    Warning to those with DA's that are "physically commenced" ... bill-sets-twoyear-da-clock-ticking If this bill change occures, your DA may no longer be valid. This would effect me greatly has I have DA's in the physically commenced phase waiting for the right time to start.
  20. twodogs

    NSW Land Tax - Testimonial Trust

    My land tax bill thsi year includes a property for which I'm one of 2 trustees of the estate of my father. It is a Testimonial trust allowing his second wife life residency. I have not declared if previously, so the tax bill also included interest ! Am still I liable for land tax as I'm a...