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    Why do Landlords Have to Pay for Tenants Water & Council Rates?

    Hello Fellow Forumites, I hope that some very smart members can explain why we (investors) have to pay for the tenants rates. I know that its tax deductable, but still... They throw away the rubbish and local coucil collects- they should pay the coucil rates. The sewerage is connected...
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    80% No Doc Loan

    Hi there guys and girls, I would very much appreciate the knowledge of some the very experienced investor and/ or broker who can advise me where I can get 80% NO DOC without ABN or GST registration. I am currently using 70% NO DOC through Homeloans Limited but am finding that my cash/...
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    Will you be increasing rents?

    Fellow investors, with the "rate increase that we had to have", will you be increasing your rents more to cover the extra repayment? I know that I will be reviewing all rental propertties with the view of increasing them. Poor tennants! Have a great day!
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    Tiler Needed! Please Help

    Hi Guys & Girls, Can anyone please help me? I have a property in Rockingham WA and the bathroom in my IP is leaking badly and I need the whole bathroom retiled. Can anyone recommend a good tiler in the Rocko area. Much appreciated and thanks in advance. Prak
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    Byford (WA)- Time for a Tree Change?

    Hi Everyone! Has anyone purchased any blocks or properties in this area? From my research of what has happened to Canningvale, this area seems to be a very affordable option to get in a beautiful area. It's very green, lush but close enough to the city for people to live. There's rumblings...