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  1. Bill.L

    Spelling on Forums

    Hi all, Over the years there has definitely been a reduction in the standard of spelling in the typed words in this forum. Just recently it has been getting worse, to the point that I get distracted from the content by the mistakes. Most of the mistakes are not because the person cannot...
  2. Bill.L

    10 Days in 100 years

    Hi all, I've been in the local fire brigade for 20 years, tomorrow err today, we have an event that is potentially lethal across the state. The conditions are predicted to be as bad as they can get. Any small fire will quickly explode into a large fire. The messages coming across my pager...
  3. Bill.L

    Why Bother??

    A question for the mods about this forum in general. Why should people bother to give any opinions on 'harder' topics, when it is easily pulled without any explanation. Could there be a section/place where reasons are given for threads being pulled, with some detail in the explanation...
  4. Bill.L

    The $1 houses and affordability

    Hi all, In the US you could buy a house in Detroit for $1. This is not all, the bank that has repossessed the property will pay your legal fees and all the current taxes, such is the state of the subprime disaster. The big question for property investors here is why?? and why it is...
  5. Bill.L

    DOOM GLOOM and the END of LIFE as we KNOW it

    Hi all, OK, the title is a little catchy to gain the attention of all the recent tro.../ new people with a negative bias :rolleyes: that have joined this forum. I am not sure if this is the right category, but there is a point. How does this new influx of "caution" influence your...
  6. Bill.L

    What does $500 brl OIL mean??

    Hi all, Tucked away in a lot of different threads, especially those of doom and gloom, is runaway inflation and peak oil. I've started this thread to get discussion going about what high oil prices might do to different investments and life in general. At some point oil will get to $500 per...
  7. Bill.L

    Ho Hum - Interest Rate Rises

    Hi all, It appears that there is complacency even here about the latest .25% rise in rates this morning. What should this tell us about investors in general??? Are we getting too blase` about the world around us?? At what point do these interest rate rises get serious to most here...
  8. Bill.L

    2007 election 24 Nov

    Hi all, Little Johnny just called the election for 24th Nov, and interupted my favourite program Landline.:mad: Who will win and by how many seats?? I'm going to suggest labour by 15 seats, but that opinion may change in the next few weeks.:D bye
  9. Bill.L

    What Makes You Believe??

    Hi all, I read many threads on this forum where there is a religeous zeal attached to certain types/styles of investing or investment products. This is especially true of the 'followers' of certain investment gurus. What actually makes you believe?? Is it because what they are selling...
  10. Bill.L

    New Property Riches

    Hi all, Throughout the property investment field, we come across many people who have secured their future in various fashions. We also have had many property spruikers/gurus who advocate how riches are made from property, then promptly sell NEW dwellings to the masses. Does anyone know...
  11. Bill.L

    This Time it's Different!

    Hi all, I started this thread to get peoples opinion on how property investment has changed. Making the assumption that the current boom is over, I have grabbed the calculator, played with a few numbers and come up with the following concerning the two latest booms. From the peak of the...
  12. Bill.L

    Opinions in Investment

    Hi all, This is the thread where all those who wish I would just go away can say their piece. I know that I have a "different" approach to investment to many on this forum, and many times have argued the toss with people on what their plans/actions are. Yes, I also will play devil's...
  13. Bill.L

    Jerry Maguire.... Options

    Hi all, I created this thread for Jerry to post some answers to questions about options. bye
  14. Bill.L

    Possible Future Scenarios-

    Hi all, I thought I would start this thread in response to Sim closing the thread on the average Joe becoming a millionaire in 10 years. Yes he was right, with 270 posts the thread had gone all over the place, so hopefully we can start here where we left off. I often get accused of being...
  15. Bill.L

    Anyone bullish on IP growth now ???

    Hi all, Just wondering if there are any bulls left when it comes to purchasing now. Virtually everywhere I look, the word about residential property is that it will either bust or be stagnant for a few years. This includes on this forum. If the crowd is SO certain a slowdown/bust is about...
  16. Bill.L

    The MELB cup

    Hi all, OK, I couldn't resist, as it is the only horse race I "invest" in. My "tip", based on a system I have followed for over 30 years, and has a success rate of about 80%, is that the winner will come from one of the following; Pentastic County Tyrone Distinctly Secret Grey Song...
  17. Bill.L

    The BOOM ahead

    Hi all, Ever the contrarian in my thinking, I am seeing increased evidence that we are about to get a round of inflation. For us investors it can be a double edged sword, as we can pay off our loans in deflated dollars, but have to put up with growing interest rates. It is possible that we...
  18. Bill.L

    Another Free Book

    Hi all, Just been trawling and a pop up for ANZ appeared with a survey. Fill in the survey and you get a free copy of a House or Garden book from House and Garden. It is reputedly worth $39.95. I'm not worried about the spam they will email me either as my email provider...
  19. Bill.L

    Free Seminar- Guardianplus

    Hi all, No, No , No, I'm not advertising them just questioning them. Got the initial phone call last week and then the follow up call telling me about the free seminar where ,when etc, and the chance to win the free holiday in the draw just for attending etc. It's about helping...
  20. Bill.L

    Buying Low Priced Shares

    Thought I would start this thread as AMP is resuming trading today(I think). A couple of months ago a thread was started that was suggesting the purchase of lower priced blue chip shares, AMP was one example given, of quality regarded as cheap. The then price was around $8.00. The price then...