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    Professional cleaners

    Its moving time for us again and we are looking for recommendations professional cleaners for our hse - mainly to clean the kitchen as we had hsemates that did chinese style frying and just a general clean elsewhere around the house - bathrooms and shower stalls. Would be nice to get a...
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    Plumber and Handyman, Melbourne west side

    Hi guys, Can someone recommend me a good plumber and a handyman on the West side of melbourne? We have had 2 going through yellowpages and not a good experience. We are good paymasters and pay promptly. Our house is in Point Cook. Thanks in advance.. Dennis
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    Tradie Recommendations for Victoria

    Hi guys, A duplicate thread because I just found that I cant edit my 1st post anymore and I suspect its the poll I added as an afterthought. So here's me trying again. The last thread was a bit subdued. Please contribute for the benefit of all on the forum and also for good honest tradies...
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    Newbie Fence situation

    Hi guys, I'm asking this as I'm a newbie to this topic. I recently bought a piece of land and had the titles given to me recently. The owner of the land adjoining to mine has started building his house and has just served me notice via his contracted fencer asking me to pay half the cost of...
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    Recommended tradie list (VIC only)

    Can someone make this a sticky? Hi guys, Since I have a bit of extra these days with me being unemployed, I thought I'll start contributing more to the Somersoft. I know we have previously a compiled list but not state specific and I had to sieve through the whole thread to maybe find what I...
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    A few comments pls

    Hi ppl, Currently looking at a new build - a 4 bdrm house each room with its own ensuite in toowoomba, QLD. Its nesting place is in Darling Heights, 2km south of the city. Came across this development due to some contacts in the IP world. The plan is lease this place out when finished as...
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    Frank opinions about main road property

    Hi guys, Just viewed this lovely property today Overall, this unit is basically what I have in mind for staying in for a year and then turning it into an investment...
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    Why Australia's housing sector is different..

    A nutshell article
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    Credit card question

    I'm the process of streamlining my finances. I just have a small and possibly stupid question. Is someone able to cancel the credit card that is given as part of a home loan package? I've tried to reduce the limit on the credit card but its at its lowest and I find now that I have no longer a...
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    Best refinancing deals available

    Hi everyone, Im thinking of refinancing my IP. Had a look around and the best deal I could find is this one and the good thing is they have guaranteed to keep to the RBA cashrate movements for 3 years. I'm not sure who finances their...
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    A tale of two cities -Melbourne and Sydney

    Here's an interesting article I read today What does everyone think?
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    Pricefinder Subscription - Calling all VIC parties interested

    Hi guys, Coming from the discussion from the other Pricefinder thread that there are a few ppl interested in sharing the pricefinder tool subscription. If you are not sure what it is have a look at the demo below. This tool is what realestate agents and...
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    Revalue and Refinance/Line of Credit

    Hi ppl, I currently own my first IP for a little over a year now. Been rather happy with it and things are puttering along with a few improvements made to the IP in between tenants. I'm just wondering when would be a good time to revalue an IP to see the amount of equity I have available...
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    Serviced apartment strategy

    Hi guys, Great forum you all are running here. Been looking through the last few days and have learnt a lot. I'm a beginner Property investor with my first IP under my belt last year. I'm looking to add another by the end of the year. I'm thinking of buying a serviced apartment who's...