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    This website is too time consuming!!

    I have decided to restrict my time on this website to one night a week. Most likely Monday. Since my holidays I've just being on this web page. I'm back at work and still spend hours reading the posts. My wife claims that if it's not property or investing I've nothing to talk about. With the...
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    The official bbruham thread *warning - may cause offense*

    [ Sim' - Since bbruham dislikes our cruely harsh censorship of his work, I thought I would be kind and reinstate some of his better works for all to enjoy and for his own peace of mind. I have slightly edited some of the posts for the ultra sensitive people out there (edits in square brackets [...
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    Mortage insurance is the greatest?????

    Talking with a person who said that mortage insurance is the greatest thing in property investing. No LOC loans, messing around paying into different accounts etc. Pay your mortage insurance, approx. five thousand dollars a buy (only once per buy) and you're away and running onto your next...
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    shares over property,now.

    Looking at the situation as of this minute I believe shares are a much better investment than property. Property is at a all time high, shares are at an all time low. "Buy low, sell high. You make your profit when you buy, not when you sell". Who said that?!!!!!! Being a gambler from time to...
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    Checking out Kuluin, Sunshine Coast

    G'day all, Found a four bedroom house at Kuluin, which is close to Maroochydore. Wanting $255,000. Brick veneer corner block, not too much grass to mow. It's nearly all gardens that only need a water every so often. Four minute drive from Maroochydore town centre. Checked some real estate...
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    congratulations Sim, new forum is a winner

    G,day Sim, This new forum is a winner, just reading the postings in the time it's been up and running, it will soon pass most of the other "forums", on this website. This website is so good that I'm forgeting to keep up with my other computor paper work. Congratulations again Sim. Bruce G.
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    Job vacancy, wage $120,000+ yr.

    G'day all, Received National Investment Institute circular the other day detailing a vacancy for a consultant. Wage of $120,000 plus. Of course you are not really a consultant but a Sales Professional. Must have a proven track record in sales. God help those investors, poor b-----ds who...
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    Thinking- retirement!

    G'day all, The other day the penny dropped! Next year I can retire, if I want. Government super in my pocket.$350,000 to spend. There's no way I could retire. I would die of boredam in no time flat. But why not "retire" until the super cheque lands on my door step? This way I don't have...
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    Smart Property Investors

    G'day, What are we up to in relation to purchasing more property? Is Sydney and Melbourne in property bubbles, if so what happens when they burst? Will the burst bubble affect Brisbane as well? Then you have those reginal towns. Drought affected, unemployment rising. Meaning less tenants to...
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    Website Bookmarking

    Still Bitching G'day, Yes, like a dog with an old bone, won't let go. I want too have the old website bookmarking system used on this website, then you know where you've been. Ian Somers built this website, so it would be so easy to add the bookmark system. Thank you Ian. Bruce G.(sydney):D
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    website change?????

    G'day, I posted this suggestion the other day, must have gotten lost somewhere in the website. I suggested that when you have read a"thread", that thread alters to a bookmark so we know where we're up to. The new website is brillant! Bruce G.(Sydney) Have the courage, to take your...
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    Anyone investing in Property Now!

    From: Bruce Graham G'day, Anyone intending to invest in property in any of the capital cities? In Sydney With acres of units on the market, and more being built who would be brave enough to go for the big jump by borrowing now. As I drive around Sydney in the taxi, all those suburbs are...
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    Calling Rolf

    From: Bruce Graham G'day Rolf, A fellow worker asked me to contact you regarding loans.He does not own a computer.I print out what I think will interest him.You did, so here's his question - has three properties, value $450,000. these properties carry debt of $220,000. His equity is...
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    Playing Monopoly

    From: Bruce Graham G'day, Last weekend I drove(taxi fare)a couple from Manly to the airport.Passing a certain block of units the female said we use to own two units in that building. Too bad you sold them ,their selling price today would brake your heart,I said. There reply was we sold a...
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    TW/Colin Croft Show

    From: Bruce Graham G'Day, Saw TW/Colin Croft TV interview the other week, the only thing that I can remember about the programme was the look on both their faces when asked the value of their properties. Shock,absolutely shocked. Both admitted to a value of $2million plus. But they didn't look...
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    Armidale investment area

    From: Bruce Graham Greetings, I have the hots to invest in a house in Armidale,a NSW country town. Not knowing a lot about the place, except from spending a day there once and the NSW tourist office, plus the internet, of course. I have a great feeling about the place. Cold in winter, hot in...
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    changing accountants

    From: Bruce Graham G'day, The time has come to look for another accountant. My current one is no better than a bookkeeper, Does my tax return, says nothing.Charges an arm and a leg. If anyone knows of a good one on the Northern Beaches of Sydney please post. The phone book is full of them...
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    Peter Spann's new book

    From: Bruce Graham The mention of his "beautiful friend",through the out the book made me assume that "she" was a "he". The front cover photo indicates this. Never the less the book was a very easy read, holiday reading. I haven't learnt anything new by the read. But I think I like Peter...
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    getting finance

    From: Bruce Graham G'day Anonymous, I've had a phone call today from a new company in Milsons Point, Sydney. This company was put on to me by my accountant. This company is chasing new business.So if you feel like giving them a call please do so. Company name MortgagePort Phone no. 0411 888...
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    destiny financial solutions

    From: Bruce Graham G'Day, Has anyone on this forum heard of the above people? I have just started to read their book "How to make your money last as long as you do". I'm half way through it,seems like it's written for complete novices. They are financial advisers,advising on property...