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    establishing a family trust

    Patosan, The "Family trusts - a plain English..." is the second and improved edition of the first. Every library in Australia should have it. Albena
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    Advice on Units please

    Hi there, I would sidgest not to rely on RE agent's statement "tenant will stay further 10 years". That what I was assured when I both my first unit last year, and guess what - tenants left at the end of the 6 month lease. It might not be the case with you, but RE use this as a marketing...
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    Reduce tax down to 2% - Aye?

    Reply: 3.1.1 From: Albena B Anonymous, Are you aware that ATO adds the net loss from property investments on the top of your PAYE figure when assessing for Family Benefit payment? I got stung this financial year by having to pay back in excess of $1000.
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    Great Book

    Reply: From: Albena B The book "It's easy to be a property millionaire" by Craig Turnbull is available at Bentley Library (WA). I have just reserved it. Dale, thanks for the info . Albena
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    Property Sale Data

    Reply: 1.1 From: Albena B Stirling, do you know one for WA? I'll appreciate the info. Albena
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    No Topic

    Reply: 1 From: Albena B Sorry, wrong topic. My initial intention was to reply.
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    No Topic

    From: Albena B Stirling, do you know one for WA? I'll appreciate the info. Albena
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    Spreadsheets and other goodies

    Reply: 1 From: Albena B Thanks, Albena
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    Best IP loan

    Reply: 1 From: Albena B No worries, ANZ does it. We have purchased our first IP two months ago with 100% of the purchased price plus the bank charges without any deposit. The bank has used equity we have in our home to guarantee the mortgage on the IP. The only money we had to come up was the...
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    Interest on stamp duty?

    From: Albena B Can someone help me? I am trying to find out if I can deduct the interest on stamp duty, in case I have borrowed money to pay it. Has anyone had similar experience. This is my firs IP and I am still learning, so any help will be appreciated.