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    buying IP with tenant in placed

    jocker 10 - don't take this the wrong way, but stop #@*&%#$ around and buy something. with tenants - without tenants; iether way has pros + cons. don't look for unimportant things to stop you from proceeding. the first one is always the hardest. he who hesitates is lost.
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    Investing "out of town"

    I have several ip's where i live and all have gained value. in 1994 i bought in another city, and it still hasn't reached my original purchase price. i think it's best to stick to the area you know the best, if it was worth investing there in the first place, it should continue to be.
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    Financial Advisors under attack

    the best financial planner was me dear old dad and the next best is dear Jan Somers - since reading her first book i have increased my portfolio with 8 ip's. how can anyone take advise from anyone that has not achieved anything themselves. why get advise from a spectator. " those who...
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    property management

    it would probably put you off property investment. i had most of my properties before i went into it and it hasn't helped much - only now i do more rental checks on applicants.
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    property management

    the property management business is the worst business to be in. to make enough income, you need at least 100 properties and then 100 properties is too much for just one person to handle. and if you want to do it properly and look after the landlords and properties as if they were your own...
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    100% finance

    i've never had to take out mortgage insurance. on some of my ips i have borrowed 100% of the price and legal fees,stamp duty etc + renovation costs + 1 full years rent. if you have the collateral, you can borrow 300% without paying rediculas charges.
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    100% finance

    if you are buying ip No. 2,3,4, etc. and have reduced the loans sufficiently to give you enough collateral to use the difference as a ( claytons deopsit) you should be able to borrow 100% or even more as i have done. it would have to be a pretty good deal to pay $7,500 - just to get a loan.
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    Capital Gains Tax

    this can be done several times, until the ATO gives you a call. i havn't got the guts but know many people that have done it and are still doing it and now are debt free. go for it - you only have money to lose, they can't kill you, says me hiding behind a tree.
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    subdivide without pain

    up here in the sticks you just go to the local surveyer and they know all the council requirements and even submit the application to the council. they will tell you if it's possible or not.
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    Commercial Refurbishment

    my tenant left i spent $30,000 refurbishing now have new tenants and getting 20% LESS rent you have to find out if it is worth spending more money on it first, what you think should happen, does't always happen.
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    End-of-year bargain deals

    i don't use the lands department values at all, for anything - a complete waste of time.
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    End-of-year bargain deals

    in my shire the unimproved value of the land, on the rate notice - has nothing to do with the real value of a vacant block.
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    Novice in a new world

    Philby. I didn't know what area your interested in but THIS agent is not in Darwin - and I spelt it wrong anyway. If you want to make a go of things, you have to get into the swing of things - that means research everything.
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    Novice in a new world

    try the salesperson was very helpful in my purchases.
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    tax reduction

    I have a chance to do a residential subdivision and hope to make lotsa. how do I reduce my tax ? would a company or trust be any good to me, or should I just go down the capital gain road. any advise would be appreciated TIA.
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    Self-Managed Superannuation

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    first I.P.

    no need to thank me - ha ha ha he he he. the first is the hardest. keep going, don't let anyone or anything put you off - it's all part of the adventure.
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    ANZ free book offer......

    thanks watto. I only read your post, so I could get the free book.
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    Getting a new IP ready

    I may be wrong but i think you can claim them as repairs and not capital improvements.
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    Capital Gains Calculator ?

    have a look at the postings in prop. manag. forum, titled CPI.