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    Multiple electricity meters in the same house

    Hi all, my apologies if this was already discussed but I couldnt find any specific topic, is it possible and legal in QLD to have multiple electricity meters in the same house if its not legally subdivided for dual occupancy? Thank you
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    Steve McKnight 2 hour training event

    Hi everyone, has anyone attended one of Steve's seminars? He is having 2 hour training event in major cities about economics and investment strategies. I was thinking of going, you can never learn enough, but hope he is not selling how to become rich overnight strategies
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    Transfering money from NZ to AUS

    Can someone please suggest how to transfer money from NZ to AUS with minimum transfer charges or best ER?? Thank you
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    NSW South coast - Jervis Bay

    Hi everyone What is everyone's thought about NSW South Coast, Huskisson, Sanctuary Point and around?? Is there any potential CG in those areas?? Thank you for any good leads :)
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    Choosing an Accountant

    Hey all, Jess posted similar thread few days ago on how to choose good broker. I need your help to find good accountant!! How do someone choose accountant?? Any hints and tips?? Thank you :)
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    Releasing equity

    I need your advice here please, not sure if I'm understanding correctly about equity release... I have equity available in my current PPOR which I am planning to upsize in 2 years time I understand I better stop paying principal amount and change loan to Interest Only as this PPOR will...
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    PPOR and IP

    I currently live in house1 which has never been rented out. I would like to buy new house and rent it out for up to 2 years, so I guess I need to get investment loan with IO payments. After 2 years I would rent out my house1 and move into house2. Do I have to advice bank about change...
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    Bank of Sydney

    Could you please experienced brokers and people give me some feedback on Bank of Sydney?? How is there banking working, easy to deal with, hassle, easy to release equity, tough serviceability requirements and etc... Any feedback would be much appreciated Thank you!
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    Keep it or sell it??

    Hi all, I am facing big dilemma and your help would be much appreciated! I purchased apartment in Auckland CBD 9 years ago (not knowing anything about property investing back then) and paid 224K NZD Apartment is tenanted most of the time, and excluding depreciation on tax return, its aprox...
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    Agent fees in NZ

    Does anyone know what are the agent fees for selling property in NZ?? Value of the property around 230K Thank you
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    Empty block (Council land) next to house

    Does it matter if next door to the house is empty block (council land) when selling property? Apparently sewage is running thru that block and will not be privatized or built on it... Do buyers prefer neighboring house or empty block? What do you prefer and why? I personally feel more...
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    Bridging Loans

    Can you please let me know what to consider and be aware of when taking bridging loan?? I would really like to buy house first before selling (PPOR) to avoid moving with 3 kids (where to?) but then finance comes as a problem. The only solution is to take bridging loan I think.... I...
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    Robert Kiyosaki

    I know similar topics have been discussed here before, but is anyone from Sydney thinking of attending Robert Kiyosaki seminar on December 1st? What are your thoughts of it??? Any opinion would be appreciated :)
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    Stamp Duty in NSW - Pensioners

    Is that true that pensioners dont pay duty on purchase of PPOR in NSW?? Thank you
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    Calculating DSR

    I have one question, when calculating DSR, do we have to include all credit card limits even if always paid on time? Thank you
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    I have a question to ask all you experience developers I am thinking of buying older house and building duplex together with my mum so we both get to keep half. Its for our PPOR I have no experience with building or subdividing, I am reading lots about it, different wordings, rules and etc...
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    Hi all, For not thinking clearly and helping friend sell off plan apartment, I purchased apartment in Auckland, it settled in 2006 I withdraw money from PPOR I had back then for 20% deposit and expenses, so that was around 70K all up. I sold that PPOR and moved to new one, joining all...
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    Which books to start with

    Hi all SS members, which books would you recommend to start reading about investment strategies, share markets, real estate and etc? Would Smart Borrower's Handbook By Stuart Wemyss be a good start? If you know any good books that's been written "in plain" English please share! Thank...
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    Buy investment or buy home??

    First I have to mention how happy I am to discover SS forums... I've been reading it for few days constantly and there are some great advises here!!! So I thought maybe you can help me decide.... I have house in Sydney West, worth 750-800K and mortgage 380K In 3 years time I want to move to...