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    property for sale

    Hi, I have a 9 month old new 2 bedroom unit in a block of 4 for sale double auto garage Fairy medow,, 5 min to beach and woolongong, close to all amenties it is in a growth area, but I need to sell as my wife has just had a stroke and I need to sell, can see no any other way, I know it will...
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    sydney accountant wanted

    hi, I am after a sydney accountant who understands property , does anyone know of one. Kind Regards Gerard:mad: :) :) :)
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    Want to move from Sydney to Sunshine Coast - any ideas ?

    any ideas Hi , would like some help re ideas. own house in sydney 460,000 have bought ip at 238,000 due to complete mid 2003 value 310,00, in my name only rent 300 want to move to sunshine coast am employed here but want out to do this do I sell house to pay for house there say...
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    looking fro house sunshine coast

    From: Gerard Mclean HI, I am in sydney and looking at selling my house here to live the on sunshine coast does anyone know any agents they can recommend in buderim thanks Gerard
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    Accountant telling me to SELL

    From: Gerard Mclean Hi I have a house in sydney and 2 IP one is in my name, one is in both names , accountant telling me to sell the one in both names as I am the highest income earner put the money off my mortgage to reduce as he say Tax wise better for me but in my mind I thought never...
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    property title put in wrong name

    From: Gerard Mclean Hi, my last IP was put in myself and wife's name and should have only been put in my name as my new account has just found out has anyone had this happen and knows of a way to fix this
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    to keep or sell

    From: Gerard Mclean Hi I would like any advise on whether to sell or rent I would like to buy a property south coast 290,000 to live in I have my home in sydney would get 370pw rent or sell for 390,000 how would I best go around this sell the house or buy the 290,000 property as an investment...
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    house for sale heathcote sydney private

    From: Gerard Mclean Hi, Gerard is my name I am looking for interest in selling my family home at heathcote, sydney 4 bedrooms two bathroom 2 car garage rumpus cul-de-sac lovely bush outlook 10min walk to station, shops ectect low matatience yard, landscaped want 400,000 want settlement may...
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    should Isell or rent

    From: Gerard Mclean Hi new member from today, Just finished Jans new book, was the best I have read so,my family home in sydney valued 400,000 owe 90,000 ip 1 paid 260 rent 270pw valued 290. ip 2 paid 225 rent 290 all sydney but I have got the thing Of moving my family to Moruya 5 acres 2...