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    LOE in these times

    Some of the forumites were LOE or advocating the same. Just wondering how they are traveling in the current climate? Please don't get me wrong, this is in no way a dig at the strategy - something that I have in sight for an exit strategy. I want feed back on any one who is utilizing it?
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    Deposit assistance with finance provider

    Just read an article from Bill Zheng where he talks about finance providers offering deposit assistance in exchange for profit sharing. Anyone heard of this? Who is offering it & on what basis/cost? Its certainly innovative - a JV with a finance provider - a silent partner really...
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    Mac Property Income Fund

    We use the returns from funds to support our property portfolio and are looking at this commercial fund. Has anyone invested in the MPIF? It appears to be a good fund with good results - income wise anyway. As we use the returns to support our property portfolio, capital value/gain is of...
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    SMSF & Family trust

    Can I use my SMSF to lend money to our family trust at commercial rates? Is this 'at arms length' where the SMSF is lending to a trust for which I am the trustee? Any experience anyone?
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    CGT or not?

    Many moons ago a friend of ours purchased a home with the assistance of her parents (they placed in some money). She lived in it and paid off her parents. The parents are still on the title deed, and she is going to place it in her name only. Over the years of paying her parents back no % was...
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    Buyers Agent

    Buyers agents are around for residential, are their any for commercial? May be a way to learn the ropes and attain a good deal.
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    Strata Industrial Units

    Does anyone have experience, good or bad, with these? They strike me as a cheap way of entering commercial RE. But I would also imagine that they have a high tenant turnover and default rate. Is this true? Due to the cheaper lease would they relet quicker and have reduced vacany time...
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    Long Term Data

    Am looking for long term data. Residex has 10 year averages but I would like access to 20 & 40 year data - any idea's?
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    Increasing LVR

    Anyone out there thinking of increasing their LVR? I have steadfastly kept mine at 80% but am investigating wavering this rule. Reason - if we accept that we are at the bottom or near bottom of the RE market then in the medium term we can expect a capital increase. There are a multitude of...
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    FEA Study?

    There used to be a bit of software around called ?FEA study for the financial assessment of development projects. It is specifically for development assessment, I already use PIA for my portfolio assessment. Have searched here and google and can't locate it - has anyone seen it, know its web...
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    Clause for no money down

    Anyone know of a clause where the vendor allows settlement to occur but leaves 20% in the property for say 5 years?
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    No money down deals

    Does anyone have experience with these. I have read about them but have not experienced any yet. How does one do it? What are some different ideas and techniques? And, importantly, what are the suitable legal clauses?
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    ESC Property

    I know these guys have been discussed before but given the wide reach of the forum, the question needs repeating. HAS ANYONE PURCHASED THROUGH THESE GUYS?? :confused: If so please enlighten one and all, good or bad. I have seached the forum and web and detail is limited. Neil Jennman...
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    PPOR - IP - Tax

    This may seem a basic question but I need to sort this out. Am seeing my accountant but am looking for a heads up. We had a PPOR, and have developed a duplex on another block. We like the new place so much we are moving in, renting out the second unit and our original PPOR. The new pair...
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    Affordability Index

    How or where do people attain 'affordability index' in relation to average weekly earnings?
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    Rental Yeild

    Went to a Steve Navra and his rental reality seemed a good guide for the purchase price. Especially in this hot market. How ever I can't get my hands on either a 3 yr or 5 yr % yeild. Steve suggested Residex or REIQ. I've tried Residex, REQI, RTA, ABR, internet search, a few dot coms and...
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    Student accomodation

    Am looking at a student accomodation property and have a few queries. Firstly - Insurance. Does standard insurance cover this or do you need rental insurance for each room. Also what about common areas? Management - can this be handled by RE agents? This will be a distant ownership so...
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    Body Corp for Duplex

    We own a few duplex pairs and an interesting thing happened to a friend of ours that raised some questions. She owns a duplex. Insurance account arrives for the building so she approaches the neighbour for half. Neighbour says sorry I'm broke, can't pay. Not great for new neighbourly...
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    Timber deck

    There has to be a way - but how? I am wanting to lay a timber floor on to a masonite base (a tile flooring base board). I don't like the so called floating systems as they have limited thickness for sanding. If a parquetry floor can be glued to a floor why can't tounge and groove timber? Due...
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    Federal intervention

    Just heard a snippet on the ABC radio regarding a Federal Govt medling type review for housing. I missed the whole story but the drift of it was that there is an advisory committee (Loaded for a predetermined outcome) due to hand down an outcome in March. It involves the financial institiute...