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    Short Term rentals

    I had a client who planned to do the same thing in Burswood, however he couldn't do it the area was zoned residential. The council says short stay is a commercial use and can only go in areas zoned commercial. Check with the local council. Regards, Kim
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    Company as a Trustee

    I've often heard this (and even followed the same advice), but I wonder if it really makes much difference. The trading company has liabilities; 1. from it own activites, 2. its trustee activites. In 2, it is indemnified by the trust, (the same as a vigin company.) In 1, if it is sued...
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    r codes

    Q1 For an R30 block each unit must have a minimum site area of 270m2 and an average of 300m2, so yes you could probably put 2 units on it. There are a lot of other requirements to comply with and you can't always get the theoretical max no of units but this should be ok. Q2 Download the...
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    Hybrid Discretionary Trust Analysis

    In a normal Discretionary trust deed the trustee is indemnified out of the trusts assets. If someone is using a corporate trustee, wouldn't the assets be better protected more by not having the trustee indemnified. So if the trustee is sued, you appoint a new trustee and leave the old trustee...
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    Hybrid Discretionary Trust Analysis

    I've been reading the Chris Batten web site, he recommends that rather than the normal hybrid trust setup he says the most flexible setup is a double trust where you have a Unit Trust with a Hybrid Discretionary Trust holding all the units in the unit trust. This isn't mentioned in his...
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    land tax in states other than NSW

    WA land tax as follows, (forum is stipping out the spaces in the table but its still just readable) Regards, Kim LAND TAX RATES EFFECTIVE FOR THE YEAR 2002/2003 (1) Aggregate unimproved value of the land Exceeding ($) Not Exceeding ($) Rate 0...
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    Referrals database

    I manage my own properties and joined the "Landlords Advisory Service" . They will do a tenant database check for $10, and a credit report for $10, it costs about $40 a year for membership. They've got a website They're Perth based, but I dont know if...
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    How many properties to retire?

    Re: A LENGTHY reply Do you still need to use Cashbonds now that low doc loans seem to be more available. The cashbond increases serviceability at a cost, but the low doc loans ignore serviceability with a higher interest rate. Do they both achieve the same thing. Regards, Kim
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    GST on selling a new Build

    And the best structure would be a ........... Are you thinking trust? Regards, Kim
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    Trusts and Distriubuting Captial Gains Tax Free?

    I found a couple of interesting passages in the report to the treasurer from the Board of Taxation on the taxing of trusts. 37 Beneficiaries of discretionary trusts are not taxed on capital distributions or distributions sourced from unrealised capital gains. These features are all...
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    Trusts and Distriubuting Captial Gains Tax Free?

    Just wondering how far this can be pushed, Could you use a hybrid trust, purchase a high gain (typically low yield) property, then negative gear against the low yield and take the capital tax free as discussed? Regards Kim
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    Cement tiles vs Terracotta

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    New Tax? Debt-Equity Rules

    Have a look at the ato web site which explains it all. Regards, kim I don't know why the http thingo isn't working but if you...
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    Building mud brick houses

    I've just finished drawing one. For the technical details you will need a couple of books, The Building Code of Australia references to CSIRO Bulletin 5 "Earth Wall Construction" this is pretty much the bible. A newer book by Standards Australia is HB195 "The Australian Earth Building...
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    Landlord Insurance

    I can't lay my hands on the full insurance policy at the moment but I've got an adjustment where I added, Loss of rent - $9880 cover - $9.58/yr Rent default & theft by a tenant - $90 /yr This is from CGU through St George. The loss of rent is only for when the property is un-rentable...
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    Andrea Sutton??

    Email me privately and I'll give you her phone number. Regards, Kim
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    POPR owned by trust

    Can anyone point to any ato case law that we could look at to satisfy ourselves that this arrangement wont be struck down. Thanks Kim
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    POPR owned by trust

    Shaking head in bewilderment, Hasn't the ATO put an end to this in Taxation ruling IT2167 , Taxpayer alert TA2001/1, I've been angling for this for a while but can't find a way through. Could there be light at the end of the tunnel, even if the ATO has got its hand on the light switch...
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    Trusts & CGT

    I learnt something interesting this afternoon while talking with my accountant which relates to this thread. A capital loss and only be offset against a capital gain, however a normal loss can be offset against a normal gain or a capital gain. So if you had a negative geared property in...
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    Trusts & CGT

    Re: Re: Re: Trusts & CGT I'm guessing its the same as you and I. If we buy a property we can't claim the purchase as a deduction, it has to be depreciated, its probably the same with trusts. Kim