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    Your subdivision profiled in our mag

    Hi all, Me the persistent journo again :) Wanting to profile someone's profitable small subdivision/splitter project in our magazine. Anyone up for it? Would involve discussing the figures as well as photos etc. Please drop me a line if you like the idea.
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    Anyone made fast equity and want to tell the story

    Looking to write a story on someone who's used a strategy (i.e. not luck or lotto) to build $1 million in equity quickly - all the tips, tricks and traps. Drop me a line if you're interested.
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    Mag story on profitable reno

    Hi all, Looking to profile someone for our magazine who has done a very profitable renovation in a quick turnaround. If you're interested, drop me a line. Thanks
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    Tasmanian small development to profile for an article

    Hi all, Looking for someone in Tasmania this time who would up for featuring as small development case study for a magazine article. Splitter block, major reno, couple of townhouses etc... If you are keen to be involved, drop me a line and we'll talk more. thanks DC4
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    Tell Your Profitable Story

    Anyone interested in having the story of their most profitable deal published? I'm looking for someone who made at least a six figure profit within the last two years on a project - you'd need to be willing to go into details for a national magazine. Email me.:)