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    Gas HWS installation regs - WA

    Hi, We've just inspected our new build to find the gas storage hot water system to be in, what looks like, a really silly position. We asked for it to be moved but were told that it was there due to strict regulations regarding ventilation of the unit and position of the exhaust away from...
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    Dividing fence - definition

    The covenant on our block gives very restrictive conditions for all dividing fences. We have a corner block and want to put our own fence (outside the covenant rules) along the roadside boundary. Does "dividing fence" include this boundary? My google research says no but I want to be sure...
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    Scary Movies

    Stanley Kubrick gives it his all... The Shining
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    Tenant vacated and left the house in bad state

    interesting angle from both Marg and Ryan. I guess that with the tenant taking off with so much owing it might be said that it demonstrates a higher tendency to commit other dodgy actions so I'm thinking that I'll go with the re-keying. Thanks
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    Tenant vacated and left the house in bad state

    Thanks Marg and rugrat, the extra perspectives are very helpful I'll definitely enquire about the re-keying and I can see that the age of the carpets could make for a contentious issue. I can't inspect the property myself as it is interstate and time constraints don't permit, more is the...
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    Tenant vacated and left the house in bad state

    Thanks for the replies. Insurance is with Terri Scheer The only good photos I have of the property are from when I bought it in late 2010 and the place is immaculate. I don't have any photos of the house from the original inbound inspection report or even a copy of that report. I've had...
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    Tenant vacated and left the house in bad state

    Hi, My PM had let me know of some rental breaches over start of summer and then suggested we ask them to leave at end of lease. They have done a runner owing about $1800 in rent plus now apparently the carpets are beyond use, house needs complete repaint plus a few repairs to furniture etc. See...
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    Seen any great movies lately

    "20 feet from stardom." If you like singing and voices then this is amazing. I still get goosebumps thinking of some of the performances. "The act of killing" One of the most intense and disturbing films I've ever seen. A true and horrific look at one of our closest neighbours. There is...
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    Alcohol fuelled violence

    My money's on Mr Fabulous. If that's not a rockin' wrestling' stage name I don't know what is.
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    Bed Bugs

    As horrible as that sounds (and I hope it's true) biting cockies is almost preferable to bed bugs. We suffered thru them in London in 2 places and it was murder. This is the missus with her reaction after a couple of nights. I'm not exaggerating to say that the bed sheets were dotted with...
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    Limestone retaining walls - mandurah area

    Thanks VaSSagO, Im just waiting on a quote back from them but in the meantime if anyone can recommend another option I'd appreciate it. Cheers
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    Limestone retaining walls - mandurah area

    Hi All Does anyone have any contacts they can recommend for limestone block retaining walls in the mandurah/rockingham area? Thanks
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    Alcohol fuelled violence

    When, where, how? I'm genuinely interested about this. My thoughts have actually been different to this for a long time. I've often thought that longer hours may be an answer. Sounds counter-intuitive (and sure to rile some) but when I go to Northbridge or Freo for a late night the problems...
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    Gladstone QLD - How is it Going????

    Dropped rent from $520 to $420/wk on 4/2/2 in Clinton on advice from PM. Still CF+ but that's a BIG drop.
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    Tax implications of using IP equity to fund PPOR

    Oops. And thanks too, Dave
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    Tax implications of using IP equity to fund PPOR

    Thanks Terry. I'm having real trouble getting advice from my broker. Not too happy
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    Tax implications of using IP equity to fund PPOR

    Hopefully a simple question... I have an IP with an IO loan. If I get another separate loan to access the equity from my IP and use that equity to buy my PPOR, is it just the separate equity loan interest that is not tax deductible or does the original IP loan also get 'polluted'? Thanks Jeff
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    Raising retaining wall height on boundary

    Our new block has a terraced lower level where our builder has said we will need to provide scaffolding during the house construction. Their quote for this scaffolding is over $10k!!!! And we will have nothing to show for it at the end of the build. Options 1. We arrange our own scaffolding...
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    Depreciation schedule From my own similar question a few years ago...
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    Comment by 'herewego' in media 'Bodysurfing Teahupoo'

    just a little drop