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    Possible CF+ deal Geelong

    This was first advertized a good 12/18 months ago. So if you are interested keep that in mind. Never looked at them myself so have no comment to make.
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    Geelong Members

    Me ( Elwyn ) Jane (wife ) Trinity ( D.I. L,) Denis and George (Friends ).
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    Geelong Members

    Great News..........see you there ...Elwyn.D
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    How do REA sleep at night?

    I am with you G.G. I think integrity will go futher every time than a sweetner in your ear. I have agents that I will not go near for the same reason and others that will have my bussines. I haven't got a problem with greed, but not at any price. Elwyn.D
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    Are you a millionaire?

    Wow people are getting into this... Thought I would have my 2 cents worth. This is for np2003. Shouldn't that read " a person who has a mill in cash" as oppossed to a mill in wealth as you said. Lets face it if you have a mill. in assets and liquidated them you are going...
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    financial independence

    Thanks Geoff, My appologise to Jan. I have read all her books so I should have known better......elwyn.d
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    financial independence

    From one to another ( older investor that is !!!) I was 53 when we bought our first ip. It took me 18 months before I picked up on the fact I could create some sort of wealth through property. It started when I read an Ann Somers book. In the next 6 months I devoured everthing I could find...
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    Would you render or would you paint?

    Thinking about rendering a small 3 bd house. Remembered reading on this forum that the gaps between bricks take up a lot of render so go over house first with morter mix to reduce expense. OK. Started me thinking if I did that why not cut to the chase and just paint on top of the morter. So...
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    Geelong Members

    Gelong Meeting .......Be there or be square........... Look forward to putting some faces to these names.. See yer Elwyn D
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    Deposit Bond in NSW?

    Can someone tell me if I can use deposit bonds in NSW. Have done so in Vic but may be heading north soon.. Thanks ..Elwyn D
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    1# Rule of Investing forgot to mention Rule #3.. RULE #3 When in doubt, refer to rule #1. Jokes aside, you are basically right. But as long as you are aware of the nature of self interest, I find I can take and usually use some thing I either did not know or had not thought off from a lot of...
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    Anyone used Richmastery

    I have found a site on the web called Richmastery who offer a service to find + cash flow properties. They are up front about the fee they charge but say they have pre negotiated the best price. Has anyone use the service they offer and does anyone have feedback of any sort. ooroo...
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    How we bought 20 IP's in 5yrs

    Brenda... I takes me hat off to you.... 2 questions if you have the time. Someone asked ( I have just read the entire thread ) if you have one or more banks ( ? ) that you deal with and who might they be? and 2 Have you a stratagy or gut feel for places that you should not buy into...
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    White Knight Tile Paint.

    Simon... Used the stuff about a year ago and still pleased with the results.......BUT......make sure you dont take any short cuts on the preparation. Good luck Elwyn D.
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    Melbourne based conveyancor

    Does it have to be Melb. base? Jeanette Ernst Geelong 5229 2985. She is dinamite. Takes no prisinors and is reasonable. mb 0407 726 260 ($370.00 inc.gst) No relation, no interest (just to set thing straight!!)
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    Who should I talk to ?

    I have a number of loans with ANZ.To date I have been happy with the sevice. However I feel that sometimes I have to struggle to get what I want from them. Can anyone give me a couple of options that might be pursued with people or insitutions that see the pictue the way I do. My next move was...
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    Renovating Kitchens

    Robyne... Just been there done that.. Had to do a major make over to a house. Included pulling out the old kitchen entierly. THe taps were going to stay inthe same place (window behind) and I ended up leaving the stove in the same place, but not the prefered option. Went to a small factory...
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    Right time to sell?

    Hey Mate ....... Where are they and how much do you want for them ??? For what its worth I cant see much in the way of prices of properties going up in the next couple of years but I think we will start to see rental increases over that time. Investors wont be comming into the...
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    Who has followed Jan's advice "to the letter" ?

    the Book Hi Kev, I bought a couple of ips 3 1/2 years ago. Read Jans book a year later and it was like ' Eureka'. Its been my bible ever since and the first book I recommend to anyone considering pro inv. In fact when I read it I sat with a highliter (remember school) and highlighted...
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    How Much Renovating Should I Do?

    HI Q. Bee. Its my feel that if you are at the top end of the market it aint going to matter if its got a few cheeses things wrong with it. The rooting around and hair pulling may not be worth it. Good Luck anyway Elwyn D.