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    Pre start advice request

    :). Good morning all. I am due to go to prestart for a granny flat. I have only been to a pre start once, I don't have a lot of experience, or actually good taste! Last time I took a friend whose advice I trust, this time she is not available. I do have some money to spend, last time I only...
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    Would it be of interest

    If I posted photos of my granny flat build from whoa to go, I am signing the contract next week, it is currently a nice garden area so I am excited to see how it changes! If I do, could someone tell me how a techno trog with a dumb phone but armed with a mini, posts photos? Ps I do have a...
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    granny Flat help, fitting vintage windows

    :eek::eek: I have signed a preliminary agreement to produce plans with a very big Perth builder for a granny flat, we have been discussing for months. I asked the sales consultant right at the beginning if they could fit two vintage, leadlight windows I have, and also a vintage bath. As time has...
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    WA property managers rental help

    My daughter and her boyfriend rent a unit through the owners, they pay way too much rent and were enticed by the owners paying x amount of utilities. Their lease is ending, they have given formal notice and the owner has told them they have now employed a PM to rent the unit. The PM (of which...
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    Granny flat proposal

    Seeking some advice from seasoned SS contributors before I go any further with my plan to put a GF on my block in Guildford. The builder of the newish house already there can put a 3 bedder there in the same style, still waiting for figures but under 140 k, I am aware of the soil and paid a lot...