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  1. Brady

    CBA $0 Upfront Valuation

    This is through CBA RP Data Hub, I know that the brokers have access to this but not sure if this also applies to them, they will confirm I'm sure. This is a full shortform valuation were a valuer inspects the property, which can be used for >80% LVR not a deskstop/driveby valuation which can...
  2. Brady

    CBA - Self Employed 80% LVR

    Where a self-employed customer's application has an LVR of less than or equal to 80%, you can now verify their income using a simplified set of documents. For all self-employed applications with an LVR of less than or equal to 80%, customers must provide these documents: Personal and...
  3. Brady

    Tenants with Multiple DOGS

    Would like to get peoples opinions of best method of approach. Property Elizabeth East SA paying $255 p/w always on time, been there for >2years now, minimal maintenance issues. PM has advised that number of dogs on the property has increased, there is now 6 large dogs on the property in...
  4. Brady

    Melbourne Cup

    What's everyone's pick for the race... Always like to hear from people before the race. My social media always seems to be packed full of winners post race, but don't hear much prior. So before the race, who's your 1 pick. Fawkner
  5. Brady

    CBA / Genworth - SA/NT Post Code Restrictions.

    New LVR restrictions are being introduced for some postcodes as of the 01/11/2014. A maximum base LVR of 90% (92% after LMI capitalization) will apply to all Category 3, 4, and 5 Home and Investment Home Loan and Line of Credit applications where any security property is located within the...
  6. Brady

    Argument with partner - which unit

    Alright so some friends are looking at units. And looked at a few for them, been talking with my partner about what they are looking at... I like this one, my partner thinks it ugly. She likes this one, which I...
  7. Brady

    CBA accept contract price for VAL

    CBA jumping into another little niche space.... well done on making my job easier once again ;) We have made changes in our Contract of Sale/Valuation process to make things simpler and easier for you and your customers. CHL and VAS will now accept the Contract of Sale for purchase prices no...
  8. Brady

    What type of Facade do you like?

    What type of fa?ade do you like??? Starting to get together some ideas.. At the start was thinking of going something like these... bit more modern Then was looking more like this... not as in your face...
  9. Brady

    Island cooktops

    Would love to hear everyone's view on island cooktops. Pros - Allows the person cooking to be facing the rest of the room - Looks different so can be a nice feature, bit of wow factor. Cons - I believe that the cost is higher, due to bigger range hood required. Anyone know an approx...
  10. Brady

    Sydney Airport train RIP OFF!

    Was road tripping last week. Ended up in Newcastle and had a flight out of Sydney back to Adelaide. Train from Newcastle to Sydney was ~$8.60 was around a 3 hour train ride Train from Sydney CBD to Sydney Airport was ~$16.40 was around a 5 min train ride. Go figure. Would of made...
  11. Brady

    Cheeky Agents with Clauses

    Had a few agents which I think are being very cheeky this week. (both in SA) - One agent allowed my client to have subject to building inspection, but this was to be completed during the cooling off period... To me no point being a clause on the contract as it's during cooling off period...
  12. Brady

    Two Story Layout - Bedrooms where?

    Thinking ahead on different designs for future development for Higbury Those that have two story homes, lived in them, design them.. hey anyone who has an opinion on them... Where do you think the bedrooms should be? At first I liked the...
  13. Brady

    My new purchase - Highbury SA

    My new purchase/development - Highbury SA Hi Everyone, As mentioned in other threads I was going to share my latest purchase closer to settlement date. Finance was organised a while ago, it settles this Friday. Sharing now as I'm off to Thailand next week :) 7 Observation Drive, Highbury...
  14. Brady

    WTF Agents rap video to sell the house??? Watch the video, agent has come up with a rap to sell the house... seriously wtf? House looks nice less the video
  15. Brady

    CBA Policy Change - Rental Income

    FROM MONDAY 25 NOVEMBER -The rental income from a residential property used for servicing must not exceed 8% of the Owners Estimated Value or Contract of Sale amount. This means that we will only accept a maximum gross Rental Yield of 8% for servicing. - A new Rental Income Referral...
  16. Brady

    CBA Fixed Rate Increase

    CBA raised its fixed rate again for 2 & 3 YEAR 2YR from 4.79% to 4.89% 3YR from 4.94% to 5.14% I just fixed in clients loan yesterday and was planning on switching over some, but didn't. Oh well its only 0.10% for the 2YR. What's been happening with the other banks? Have the fixed...
  17. Brady

    Vendors & Agents ARRHH!

    After going to 3 Auctions and blown out of the water, I found a new property I was interested in. Another development size, retain and hold. Advertised Price $295,000 - $315,000 Wednesday night 30/10 email agent for copy of contract . Speak to agent Thursday find out why...
  18. Brady

    Broker vs Banker Thread [Split from $100K passive income thread]

    I disagree with the not going through a bank, this is rubbish. You need to go with someone who you can trust to structure the loans correctly and be honest with you. I personally have had assisted one client grow his portfolio from 1 property to currently owning 5 in two years (51months to...
  19. Brady

    Diploma Financial Planning (DFP)

    I'm looking to complete my DFP part time externally. Anyone completed this and recommend a good institution to go through? Thoughts? Did you get much out of it? I'm not necessarily going to go into FP but believe it will benefit me in my current role and future roles. I'm wanting...
  20. Brady

    Water Charge NSW - water save

    New purchase in NSW is about to settle mid June, was fortunate to been able to advertise in this time and agent has found a tenant.. so no vanancy at all yay! When I requested that its set up that the tenant pays water this was the response from the agent "To enable us to charge the tenant...