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    Rudd vAbbott

    Potentially, it could be worse than a hung parliament, if nothing can get through the senate :S
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    Rudd vAbbott

    I saw the ALP how to vote guy and a Lib how to vote girl majorly flirting with each other. Was great to see considering it's been such a nasty 3 years, which btw I blame entirely on Abbott. Not even the party, just him personally. Libs should do well in govt I think , but somehow I'm...
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    South Toowoomba - is this a good invesment

    Yep, Geoffrey St's a good street in a good location. Any street up that way is really.
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    South Toowoomba - is this a good invesment

    Give me any street, any house and i'll tell you if it's a good buy ;) $325 for a townhouse in Sth Twba seems dear to me and risky as an OTP. Btw, middle eastern students like - no i should say feel entitled to - a brand new house near the uni and will pay good money for it, but won't exactly...
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    Ways to save money

    If you struggle a bit with the discipline to save money yourself, one piece of advice I have is to not claim the tax free threshold. Forced savings through PAYG really adds up and potential for a nice lump sum at end of FY. :)
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    Fired- well that was unexpected.

    Ah yeah, I've been there. It's no fun and is certainly a character building time to go through..which will ultimately leave you better off as long as you have the right attitude
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    what would you do with 200k cash lotto winning?

    Buy some Billabong shares :)
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    At what age do you plan to be financially free?

    I'm 19 aiming to be financially free before 30. I suspect this may be achieved from my business ventures more than property. Very hard to plan for though. Flying blind starting a business for the first time is crazy!
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    17 yr old car 140,000 kms Versus investing

    To add my 2c worth.. Just need to look at it from a numbers pov. If the cost to maintain it is going to exceed the cost of upgrading, then you should upgrade. That rules out getting a new car so why not compromise and save up and get a $5k 10yo car as suggested? I was in this situation...
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    Would you consider elance? Not really a job but if you make a name for yourself it can work out quite well.
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    Commercial lease and fees questions

    Not bad advice imo :)
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    18 yr old guy, 14 yr old girl

    I know a 17 yo girl dating a 26 yo guy. I find it pretty disturbing coz I know she's being used. Girl's Mum cares but can't/won't do anything about it. Her father is nowhere to be seen. Also know a 25 yo guy who is/was dating a 17 yo guy (gay). Was very clear the older guy was using the...
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    looking for a job that fits property investing needs

    Hahaha so slack you can't even look for another job to slack off in. What a farce.
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    Grand Designs - Surry Hills

    Geez 5 levels for a 1 bedder...
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    Neighbour stole our firewood! (Aka the tree pun thread)

    Ok, we'll keep chipping away at it then!
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    Neighbour stole our firewood! (Aka the tree pun thread)

    The puns are dying down slowly at least. Touch wood.
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    Gold Coast November SS Dinner Benowa Tavern

    I may well be there :)
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    Girlfriend buying house scenario – Advice wanted

    How hard would 90% on 6 months be? + 2 years casual additionally (separate industry)?
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    An interview with Truly Exotic

    This is fantastic!
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    "Australia's Cheapest House" RENOVATED

    First world problems bro Great work though! Will defs look for it in stands today