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    Melbourne outer east where to buy?

    Where would you buy in Melbourne outer east now? A lot of talk that Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Doncaster, Wantirna are in bubble, but which suburbs in Melbourne outer East still offers good value? E.g. How do you see Nunawading, Mitchum, Ringwood, Ringwood North, Croydon, Croydon Hills...
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    Risk of double commission Victoria

    Legal Eagles, question for you about the risk of double commission if changing agents. Normal REIV (in Victoria) exclusive sale authority contract states the following: 'The vendor agrees to pay the Agent commission on the terms of this Authority if the property is sold: 1.1 during the...
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    Modern outdoor wall paint color suggestions

    Planning to paint a large rendered house outside, that is currently painted some cool (not warm) white color. Window frames and garage doors are white as well, so are eaves and fascia boards. Due to design and the house being up on the hill, you can not see roof from the street, but it is some...
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    Foreign buyers face new tax in Victoria

    According to The Age Victorian government is introducing new 'stamp duty' type tax for foreign buyers. Current proposal is 3%. Also they proposed the higher land tax for foreign owners. Permanent residents and citizens would be exempt.
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    Bushfire affected area

    Found a nice house but it is in the bushfire affected area. The property was not impacted, but a couple of other houses in the immediate neighbourhood burned about a year ago. The overall house prices in the suburb have not been affected by bushfire, but not so sure about this pocket that actual...
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    Financially distressed seller

    Considering buying an property that has 4 separate mortgages and 2 caveats on it. :eek: Never seen anything like that on the title documents before. Clearly vendor is under financial pressure to sell it, but the current asking price is well above the market value based on comparatives. My offer...
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    Agent sale commission

    Anyone has sold a property lately? What are the current REA commission levels for the properties in different price brackets e.g. $250k - $500k, $500k - $750k, $750k - $1m, $1m - $1.5m or over $1.5m?
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    Ideas for old tennis court

    Have you seen any creative ideas how to use old tennis court, if you do not want to keep it as a tennis court?
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    Houses selling before even advertised for sale

    Market has to be hot at least in this part of Melbourne. I spoke with REA and according to him a lot of houses are selling privately before even hitting the open market in our neighbourhood. Also I know at least 3 houses that changed hands on this way after Xmas. Anyone else has noticed the same?
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    Leafy suburb Melbourne East?

    If someone remembers, I told about 6 months ago my story how not to shift houses. Eventually everything went well and we have now settled in our new house and like living here. But after 3 months living here and 9 months since we bought the house, house prices in the area have sky rocketed. A...
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    Town planner recommendation Manningham shire, Victoria

    Hi, please can anyone recommend a good, experienced, preferably local, town planner that operates in Manningham (Doncaster, warrandyte, templestowe, donvale) council area in Melbourne. We want to built a large 12m x 8m colourblind garage / shed and a town planning permit will be required...
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    Evergreen OTP in Ivanhoe VIC

    Friends signed the contract to purchase 2 bedroom 2 bathroom OTP apartment in Ivanhoe in Victoria. The developer is Kokoda and the development is called Evergreen. Anyone here has any experience or knowledge about the developer or the particular development? Unfortunately they signed the...
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    Car loans interest rates

    Has anyone negotiated car loans' (Hire purchase) interest rates lately? What kind of rates are achievable? Hubby thinks that something is wrong with my car's gearbox and I have to start car hunting. :eek:
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    Deceased Estate and land tax

    I came across something that made me wonder if I have found a legal way to avoid land tax. A friend of mine asked my assistance to interpret her recently deceased mother?s will and a list of assets that an executor had sent her. Her mother was a little bit recluse and estranged from the...
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    Warning: This is the story how NOT to change houses

    Finally hubby and I decided to downsize our PPOR. We have been looking on and off over 2 years and now we finally did it. But the process was less than ideal and hopefully someone learns something from our experiences. First NO: Do not buy house first and then sell the existing PPOR :eek...
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    Byers Agent fee Melbourne

    Hi Everyone, Have you ever used Byers agent only for the contract negotiations, not for property searching etc? How much does it cost? My friend has found the property in Melbourne but she is not confident with her ability to negotiate with REA. Also recommendation is highly regarded.
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    Agents selling commission

    Hi, It has been a long time, almost 10 years, since I sold a house last time. I have been too busy buying :D now considering selling PPOR. Could someone help me to negotiate the selling commission? What's the current selling commission rates in Melbourne for the houses over $1m price tag...
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    RG146 compliance for brokers

    Due to legislation changes do mortgage and insurance brokers need to have ASIC RG146 compliant qualification or is it only required in financial planning field? :confused: Are there any qualifications required to be able to prove tax or accounting advise?
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    University Hill, Melbourne

    Friends came to visit today arvo. They came with the nice beautiful brochures picturing OTP development in University Hill. It's relatively new suburb in Melbourne northern suburbs, but that's all I know about it. I tried to talk them out off OTP, but consider already established units in the...
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    Negotiating tactic, advice appreciated

    Finally we found the house that we are interested in as PPOR. It is going against our original house searching criteria of downsizing but we fall in love with the place and now it is difficult not to loose our heads over it... It is so much easier to buy Ips without emotional attachment. So all...