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  1. Swearengen


    Looking for a fencer in Perth I have called four places they either don't return calls or are booked for weeks - any suggestions?
  2. Swearengen

    Tax Return Workbook

    Hi I have been looking online for a spreadsheet/workbook to calculate my likely return for this year, as my company's draconian IT policy prevents me from installing an earlier version of etax was looking for something in spreadsheet format. Any ideas?
  3. Swearengen

    Westpac / Genworth

    Why has Westpac topedoed Genworth for 90 plus LMI? Is it self insuring or changing its credit policy?
  4. Swearengen

    Agriculture Boom ?

    Wandering in what people's thoughts are on the FTA with China and which rural towns could benefit from increased agriculture trade?
  5. Swearengen

    Tenant operating family day care

    Hi I have read throng past threads on his issue but some of them are quite dated and there doesn't seem to be a definitive conclusion to the issues raised. We have recently purchased a property interstate. When we viewed it we realised that the tenants appear to be or have been operating...
  6. Swearengen

    Outer Northern Adelaide

    Hi looking for any recommendations for PM's in the outer Northern Adelaide area (Elizabeth and greater areas) and some guidance on what the going rates are over there.