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    PPR to IP - Recommended things to take care of to make tax time easier in future

    **Apologies, meant to post this under the tax section*** Morning all, We are in the process of moving out of our newly renovated PPR and renting a place in a new town for work. Our home will be rented out while we're away, and we may or may not ever move back into it depending on how long I'm...
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    Train Lines in Inner Ring Metro Suburbs - What's the real impact?

    I'm in the process of purchasing a PPR/future IP in Brisbane and proximity to public transport is important for me (Who wants to walk 25 minutes in a suit in Summer in QLD?), however I am concerned about how close is to close. I know that living near train lines can be noisy, however having...
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    Macquarie Line of Credit, St George Portfolio Loan - other global limit loans?

    I no longer have my finger on the pulse with the mortgage broking side of things since a recent job change to a strictly planning role, but I would love the input of some of you other lenders and brokers here - or borrowers! Are there any other loan products out there that offer a product...