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    Parental Guidance Recommended!

    Did anyone see the above article and front cover of the April Property Investor Magazine? [For those that didn't, the article was about various ways of helping your kids into property investment and this certainly included education etc. not just cash! The front cover shows this young girl...
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    Best and brightest ideas for........

    .....School Fund Raisers! :) My daugter's school has a core group of parents/teachers who are constantly trying to raise extra money for what really amounts to the purchase of worthwhile basics. It's a Public School and there are invariably another Group who whinge and moan everytime they're...
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    NAB to 'loosen' lending criteria....

    I noticed in the weekend's Fin Review that NAB are saying they are going to loosen up their lending criteria citing some of their recent profit reduction on a previous over-tightening on lending. :)
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    Investing Success and Marital Health?

    I just read a post in another area that mentioned how some investing decisions had put quite a deal of stress on their marriage. I also recently received a very detailed email from a friend letting us know how their marriage had relatively amicably, but sadly ended and outlined in great...
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    Charting Software for MS Access

    I have a variety of info in Access and would prefer to keep it in this if possible, however I find the graphing/charting functionality really limiting. Does anyone know of any products I can 'plug-in' to Access to improve the charting functionality? :)
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    Why didn't I see it sooner?

    Doh......I should have seen it sooner? Predicting the direction of markets is really so simple! The Sun-Herald had an article showing how an American psychologist, Dr Terry Pettijohn, has completed a research paper which shows men admire bustier women when the economy sags(if you'll pardon...
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    Steve Navra to run a Financial Education Course for Kids?

    Steve Navra has volunteered to run a "not-for-profit" Course, if there is enough interest, that would broadly be aimed at "giving your child a sound Financial Education. Please indicate your interest. Put me down for a couple of tickets. :)
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    Warning: Forums being closed down!

    The following is a link to the latest Admin Posting Thread on the Sharesguru Forum Site. Note: Due to the threat of legal action they have closed down. Makes interesting reading for "Publishers'.
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    Ideas for Childrens Financial Education please!

    We've a 5yo who is currently in kindergarten and she's now started some school banking with her Commonwealth Bank Dollarmite Account. It's got us thinking about what sorts of things we can do to give her a good financial education from an early age. I'm not talking about forcing a ridiculous...
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    Governments to live off Passive Income??

    Why not? A passing thought.............. Many if not most of us aspire to get ourselves into a position where our passive income will at least cover our living expenses. A responsible attitude I would have thought. No pats on the back for us if we spend more than we make and surely...
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    No Public Housing in 10 years: warning!

    Now here's a report that may have impacts for the IP market in the coming years: :)
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    Interest for the elderly?

    I was wondering if someone could see any problem with the following. A friend of mines mother currently has about $50,000 sitting in a bank account receiving little or no interest. Her son has suggested that she at least put it in a term deposit where she could get say 5%. Her son has a...
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    Costello says No to axe gearing... :)
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    NavraInvest Article.....

    I see that the Share Fund(NavraInvest Blue Chip Fund) of Forum Member Steve Navra gets a mention on P.53 of todays Sydney Morning Herald. Article is entitled 'Boutique manager puts squeeze on fees' and is part of an overall story that discusses how managed funds should have prices matching...
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    LOC Interest?

    I have a LOC where 95% of the drawn funds are used for investment purposes. A small amount, about 5%, is non-deductible. I realise it's always best to keep deductible/non-deductible separate but it's a long story and when drawn I thought that 5% amount would be deductible. Ok.......the 5%...
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    A clearer example of herd mentality?

    I was talking to a fellow the other day that said he was seriously considering buying an Investment Property now. I asked him a few questions but the most telling was: Q. Why do you want to buy a property right now? A. Well.........almost everyone I know seems to be buying now! As...
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    Vending Machines?

    I have a relative who is looking into buying a few machines. Anyone had any experience with these? Any positive and negative points to consider? :)
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    Lo-Doc No-Doc Income Declarations etc?

    While I've never needed to use the above products, I wonder if someone could please explain to me: 1. What types of documentation(particularly income) are normally required to to proceed with such loans? 2. The practical difference between Lo-Doc and No-Doc.......or is it just a marketing...
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    Banks toughen rules for inner-city units

    I noticed in yesterdays Fin Review("Banks toughen rules for inner-city units"- p.66) that many of the major banks seem to be reducing LVR's etc. from 80% to 70% for investment property. Apparently this is not only being driven by the banks but also the LMIs. Maybe Rolf or someone could...
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    Do you want 16.3% or 5.3% ????

    I was just reading an interesting article on variations on share returns and I'm sure the principle(if not the exact figures) would be VERY similar with property investment........... The relevant bits of the Leeanne Bland article were as follows......... "Picking the point at which...