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    Near a school

    We own one directly across from a private school. Rents out everyday of the year no problems. Needs to be a good school ideally private - one that is generally well maintained/landscaped etc to a high level. Certainly more appealing than yards with car bodies/sticky beaks etc across the rd...
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    Upcoming Brisbane Storm

    I'm calling Monday will be fine and sunny..let's see :D
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    Upcoming Brisbane Storm

    On a lighter note: Did you know cyclones in the Northern hemisphere twist anti clockwise and in the Southern hemisphere they twist clockwise.. Also part of a cyclones direction is partly fueled by the earths rotations :eek: Learn somethin new every day ;)
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    10km CBD Rule Why?

    Statistics aside some interesting points made by all.. Governments for one, in particular QLD are very pro active in looking at decentralization of workers based in city locations for cost saving alternatives. The creation of numerous business hubs and technology parks in the suburbs could...
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    10km CBD Rule Why?

    For some time now I have questioned myself as to the current day relevance of purchasing property within a 10km radius of a CBD. We all try but why? and is it even still practical and or relevant in today's ever changing suburbs. Some interesting points made below A little food for...
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    Well done...would't the RP Data market report be so much more interesting in this format..;)
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    Yes I do, thanks to you..;)
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    Ha Ha... yes a bit of rain about. And I ordered no rain for Australia Day.. I need a refund its looking... Slip & Slide it is then.. Everything is nice and green though.
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    First time home buyer - should I go it alone or take up this opportunity?

    JUST DO IT..."really"...JUST DO IT.."you sure"...JUST DO IT..."Done" Risk taking is essential to success in any goal where the stakes are high. Thoughtless risks are destructive, but perhaps even more wasteful is thoughtless caution which prompts inaction and promotes failure to seize...
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    Yes agree...but confidence is the wind in any sail, so lets raise our glass and our mast for 2015. (sorry had to rhyme again can't help it) ;)
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    Sure we will :rolleyes: How else will we realise a profit from others in a couple years.. :p
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    Neither really...just to much spare time to rhyme:)
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    Ha Ha ;) Looks like Cynicism, smells like Cynicism.......
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    BOOMVEGAS...:D Yes the writings on the wall. A bit of Southern comfort come one come all. Snap em up and cut'em up and profit from them all. It's Boomvegas lets's talk it up, gear it up, with backs against the wall. There's no time like show time and Brisvegas has it all. The sun the...
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    Ipswich going down the gurgler???

    Yep you need to buy as close to the Ipswich CBD as possible in my opion for solid future growth. We bought in Woodend and started renting out at $285 now $330 siting neutral at the moment. Good private schools there and our property is only 300mtr walk to the CBD. We are looking at putting a...
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    50-60m to a train line

    When one apple in a box is spoiled the box is a little cheaper. When all apples rise in price so to does every box.. We have made 250K from Ip across the road from rail line. They are slightly cheaper to buy but still appreciate with the rest of the suburb. There are some tenants who may not...
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    Staking out your home open

    Here's to hoping your potential buyer is not reading this forum...Doh!!... And as your selling agent I would suggest you park a little further up the street. :eek: Ha Ha had you worried.. :p
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    Developing ourselves instead of developers.

    Accept less for your block but negotiate one of the units as a trade. The developer depending on how you arrange might classify as a pre-sale. The developers end product will of course determine both yours and their feasibility. Otherwise take the cash while all involved share the same vision..
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    Macleay Island

    What is the address and how much!! Any pics....
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    How to advertise a commercial development

    Hi Infinity. We could most definitely help here. Elevated site photos and local lifestyle shots plus a 3D Rendered Building concept would be a great start. Just pm me if you would like further info. Regards David