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    Release equity and buy facebook shares

    I write to discuss Facebook shares on NASDAQ. It is my opinion that the shares will double in price in the next 1 to 2 years. It is currently trading around $80 a share. At the moment many analysts in the States predict the share price in the short term to be around $105. I'm thinking of taking...
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    should I add a new air con split system

    I bought an IP around 13 yrs ago and the air con system was old. I thought back then that it should be replaced. I have new tenants in the house and paying top level rent. They havent asked for a new air con system but cant decide if I should pay for one or not. I recently refinaced my...
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    borrow funds against your IP to invest in fully franked equities..

    In your opinion, if you had equity in your IP and could borrow additional funds to buy domestic shares (fully franked) do you think its a good idea or not? The ATO allows you to claim interest on the loan for this purpose. The outlook would be long term dividend shares as opposed to buying...
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    CBA insurance vs ANZ

    Ive had a cba comminsure policy for over 13 yrs and never made a claim. It costs me $115 pcm for building and landlord insurance (for a 3b/r 1 bath). I recently asked for quote from ANZ (as Ive just refinanced with them) and for the same policy and excess its $185 per month. Ive tried...
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    Can you service your existing debts if rates rise to 10% or 18%

    Just a general discussion here.... Are there any old esteemed members of this forum who had debts in the late 80's / early 90's when rates were 18%. I was a youngster then but remember my parents having their business loan, home loan and overdrafts on the clinics. They had to pay the private...
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    fix loan rate 5 years?

    Im trying to make a big decision whether to fix the rate on my IP at a rate 4.59% or keep it on the variable rate. I like the certainty of the low monthly repayment for the next 5 yrs. I dont think that Im going to want to sell in the next 5 yrs as Im getting a very good yield on the house...
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    Sold an IP... investing.... withholding tax

    Ive recently sold an IP and was thinking of investing aud$100k in shares on Nasdaq I dont understand withholding tax rules.. If Im a resident of oz and execute this trade via the bank this week for example... - Invest aud$100k this week which based on current exchange rates gives me 892...
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    Motley fool stock market marketing guy

    Has anyone ever subscribed i.e. paid for the report from the 'Motley fool' marketing guy. If you subscribe to his daily email he spins all sorts of stories about the current state of play. Then he offers you 50% off the $198 report offering advice etc. How do you rate the Motley fool....
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    Can a mortgage doc be witnessed by person with overseas address

    I'm in the land of smiles at the moment (thailand) and just refinancing with a big 4. They have emailed me all the docs. I have the NSW mortgage doc in front of me and its asking for a witness and address Can the witness be a thai national with thai address or should I track down a member...
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    what date each month does ANZ decide on its rates?

    Anz has a policy in place where they decide each month what to do with the rates- after the RBA has made its decision. What date of the month does that normally happen? Why do they do this? Are they making money from doing this?
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    Add a 2nd bathroom. Will the tenants put up with this?

    Is it worth putting in a 2nd bathroom in an IP? I have an I.P in an area where there is chronic shortage of rentals and Im getting top rent atm. Its a 3 b/r 1 bathroom house Im going to replace an old garage and have to submit a DA. It cant be done as a 'complying development' bc of the...
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    Buy dividend shares - borrow against IP security

    I'm intending to borrow extra cash using my IP as security to buy domestic shares that pay dividends and thus claim this on my next tax return as a deduction. Currently my loan payment is low and my rent is high and thus need to make my financial situation more tax effective. Presuming...
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    Refinance and fix for 5 yrs or go for variable?

    Im about to refinance my 190k loan and get extra cash (probably up to 250k total loan amount) to replace an old garage and purchase dividend shares (thus reducting my tax bill). I need to slightly increase my debt to avoid having to pay quarterly tax. The rent Im getting for this IP is quite...
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    refinance IP loan with overseas income?

    The debt on my current IP is leveraged to one of the big 4 banks- for the last 12 yrs interest only thus far. I owe 190k and conservative estimate of sale value on house is 550k. I receive $525 per week rent from the IP and have no other debts in oz. I have a couple of credit cards with big...
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    can anyone recommend a suitable gas leak detector

    I want to install a gas leak detector at my IP. It could be battery operated or wired to mains. Can you recommend one that I can buy online. I cant find any good options.. only on ebay. Would prefer to buy direct from the company thanks
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    old fibro garage at an IP

    I have an old fibro garage at my IP. Its structurally sound despite being on a slight slant at one end (due to a previous tenant changing the window frame a few yrs ago). Recently one of the tenants kids kicked a ball into one of the walls and there was a crack and a hole caused. The PM...
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    does your PM give you exit / entry report with new tenants?

    I recently had a tenant move out and a new tenant move in. The PM did not oblige or should I say has never supplied me with an exit report for the old tenants or a new entry report for the new tenants. Should they be giving this to me? What happens in your situation when you get new tenants...
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    Tax receipt with no ABN... can I still claim it as an expense

    I had a 'friend' do some work fixing the back deck on my I.P that was rotting. His labour totalled $525 and he issued a 'tax invoice / statement' (a generic one that you can buy at any newsagent) and put down 15 hours labour $500. He does not have an ABN and thus no GST on the receipt. Can I...
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    Does your PM charge commission on water rates money collected

    This year my PM has been charging me ('management fee') commission on the water rates money collected from the tenant. Is this legal according to NSW legislation? It is displayed as 'item 1 water use' and appears under the rent received figure. They have been adding the 2 figures together and...
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    New tenants re-let fee 1 weeks rent?

    My tenants gave a months notice on my nsw IP. The pm found new tenants and charged a weeks re-let fee as per my contract with them. Is it normal that they also charge their usual commission in this first rental statement as well? Its kind of like a 'double dip' but I can see that its 2 different...