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    us accountant based in Orlando Florida

    This is an interviewed I did with Emily Ray who is a great US property accountant. You may find this webinar helpful.
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    Interesting article on investing trends in the United States This is a survey carried out on wealthy people in the United States as to what sort of investment vehicle they would be looking at over the next 12 months.
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    A deal we purchased

    Hi I am not selling anything this is an office building we purchased in the United States. You may find the numbers interesting as it was an amazing deal together with three years of vendor finance it returns around 35% cash on cash return
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    Lets give our farmers grants not Holden

    Holden is now asking for an extra $100 million a year Now instead of wasting more money lets give the $100 million a year to farmers and 1 Help them stay on the land 2 Develop new crops The way the next boom in Australia will be Food. We could provide food to many countries across Asia and...
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    If you want to be a successful investor learn to do due diligence

    For most people an investment property will be at least the second most expensive purchase that they will make. Then why do people buy property with less research than buying a blu ray player. In fact some of the people I have spoken to do a lot more research on their blu ray players...
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    TEXAS VS FLORIDA An Example of different US Property Markets

    I wanted to examine where these two markets are placed and how they arrived at their current destination. During the boom in the property market it is important to realize that finance was treated differently from State to State. In Texas in most cases even to buy the family home you would...
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    Happy New Year My daughter Ellise singing Auld Lang Syne Happy New Year may 2013 be a successful one for everyone
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    merry Christmas My 13 year old daughter singing all I want for Christmas Happy Christmas everyone
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    Property Know How Club

    Introducing the Property Know How Club, your direct opportunity to meet with likeminded people, listen to interesting and expert speakers, have the opportunity to gain knowledge and learn the right way to invest. Please register your interest now and as we roll out dates for 2013 we will let you...
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    How to get the right advice part 3 The good and bad about buying in the United State

    According to some reports as much as $650 million may have been spent in the United States over the last 18 months in property. Now the real question should be how much of that $650 Million has been spent well. In my view many people have brought into the United States because of cheap prices. I...
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    How to get the right advice part 2 Negative gearing with low growth properties

    How often have you been to a seminar or sat across the table from a Property Salesman and be told that negative gearing will save you tax? On that basis alone people are led to buy properties that are often overpriced with low or even negative growth and are losing money every week. However...
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    How to get the right advice Part One

    Off the plan properties through seminars Let’s face it most people are busy and really do not know how to invest successfully and many people are looking for an easy solution. So they attend a seminar. Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with paying for a service however how many of...
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    Buyers advocates

    If you are going to use a professional the result you get will be directly related to the quality of service you receive. There are many people who offer advocate services however there is a difference in the services offered. To me an advocate is someone who will source the deal for you...
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    What I have leaned about investing in the United States

    I have been involved in the United States property market since November 2005 when I flew to Texas to buy an apartment building on behalf of a group that I was involved in. That led to a consulting role providing marketing and training in a real estate firm in San Antonio for most of 2006...
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    The only way to achieve success is to have a strong self esteem

    So many people today go to courses, investment seminars and motivation sessions all to try and be successful, to make them feel happier and turn their lives around. However there is one fact that everyone needs to understand and that is no one can make you feel successful that has to come from...
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    current market 2012

    With 2012 well under way it will be interesting to see what happens to the Property Markets across Australia this year. Most of the indicators would suggest that in 2011 the property markets had bottomed and we should see steady growth throughout most of Australia for the remainder of the...
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    the savings nightmare

    THE SAVINGS NIGHTMARE Imagine around twenty years from now you decide that it’s time to retire, to do all those things that you have not been able to do because you have been working all your life bringing up the children and paying off a mortgage. The vast majority quickly discover that they...
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    property warrents

    One of the most exciting developments in property investment are property warrants. This will enable invesors to borrow money through a self managed superfund to buy an investment property. Typically you need a 30% deposit and you are are looking at higher establishment fees than a normal...
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    Based in San Antonio Texas

    Texas September 2006 I arrived in San Antonio in Texas on Monday evening on the 18th at about 7.15. The trip with a seven hour stop over in Los Angeles took about 24 hours. I took one day out to rest and put some plans into place. On Wednesday morning I conducted my first sales meeting...
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    The United States

    I have traveled to Texas on a number of occasions in the last 12 months. The reason being is that the market there is still undervalued. The medium price in California is around $540,000. In San Antonio the current medium price is $139,000. It is possible to purchase small apartment...