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    split system brands - Actron, Fujitsu, Daikon

    ive just had a quote for two split system air conditioning units in my PPOR. an 8kw downstairs and a 2.5kw in the master bedrooms. The quote gave me three brands, Daikon, Fujitsu and Actron. the actron being the cheapest and Daikon being most expensive with around $1000 being the difference...
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    window frosting

    i'd like to get some frosting done on a couple of bathrooms on my PPOR. does anyone know of an approximate cost to have this done per standard window? ive seen the DIY stuff at Bunnings but im a bit afraid i'll stuff it up and that it may not last too long.
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    first time IP help

    ok so im looking to purchase my first IP sometime in the near future and was hoping to get some thoughts on my options. i currently own a PPOR in point cook valued at around $500,000 with $350,000 owing on it. my wife and i have a combined income of between $120-140k (it varies as im self...
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    Recommended broker in western suburbs, Melbourne?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can recommend me a good mortgage broker in the western suburbs of melbourne to help with my first IP purchase. I've searched the forum and the name PT_Bear comes up a lot but I was hoping to find someone a little closer to home, thanks.