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    Melbourne Rental Market

    I have been an investor for 15 years and have 4 rental properties in Melbourne - all in "blue chip" suburbs. I must say this is the slowest rental market I have experienced in all those years. I have a 3 bedroom, well presented modern unit in Caulfield that is proving difficult to rent...
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    Landlord electricity connection fee?

    I have an investment property in Melbourne where smart meters have been installed. Tenants have moved out and the electricity has been disconnected. I need the power for a very short time (say 10 days) to complete some cleaning work and show tenants through the property. I called one...
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    Big result for 1960s original 2 bed flat in Armadale Vic

    I have an IP in Armadale and follow that market closely. Check out what sold for $780k at Auction today. Original kitchen and bathroom. Wow, great result for seller.
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    Melbourne market surprises!

    Considering all the negative sentiment - does anyone have some surprise good results in Melbourne to report? This is mine - a 2 bedroom apartment in Caulfield North. It has some great features such as being in a small block of 4 and is of a larger size for a 2 bed apartment. On the downside...
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    Uhome Loan

    Anyone got a view on this new online loan product? 6.59% variable. Not expressed as an introductory rate but I question how long they could sustain a rate like that?! It includes refinanced loans and loans for investment properties. The main downside is no offset - but even if I...
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    Big price of the week

    Given all the negative market sentiment around (fed by the media) it was interesting to see a strong price for this 2 bedroom apartment in Armadale today at auction. The Melbourne market is far from dead. A beautiful art deco apartment.... but a big price too. $735,000...
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    Post up your amazing result (or stupid price) of the week

    This great result caught my eye - seller must be very happy: 2 bedroom apartment in Armadale, Melbourne. Sold at auction today for $611,000 :eek:
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    Tax and subdivision of investment property

    Hi guys I have an investment property that sits on a decent sized block (1000sqm) in Melbourne. It has a loan of about $1m and is currently tenanted. The interest on the loan is obviously deductable. I am now considering subdivision of the property that will see 2 parcels of land - the...
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    Hot price for Armadale apartment (Melbourne)

    Sold at auction today - a larger than average 2 bedroom apartment in Armadale. Would never have expected $725,000.....Wow.
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    Melbourne- "price withheld"

    How do I find out the price of a property that has sold and agents are saying is "price withheld".
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    IP offset account or gift to wife?

    Hi Hope someone can help me please. I currently have a number of IPs with large loans attached to them (and circa 5.39% variable interest). I also have about $150k in savings sitting in an offset account that is reducing the deductable interest payable. I am on the top tax bracket...
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    DIY landlord rental cheap

    Hi all My realestate agent wanted $900 to find me a tenant for my property in Melbourne + $100 for internet advertising. This does not include property management which I always do myself. In my view it is not worth $900 to pay an agent to find a tenant in a market where there are lots of...