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    Hanging things of zero lot walls

    If the neighbour builds a parapet brick wall (fence or part of house) on the boundary then can the other neighbour use the wall to attach a folding clothlines or a side gate or even paint it any colour you like? Since its on the boundary i assume you own it 50/50. I am asking for a friend...
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    Construction Cost - Perth

    Can anyone give me rough construction costs for building a 120sqm (135 incl porch/aflresco) 3 x2 single storey high spec brick /colorbond house? Using the calulator the price ranges from 195k to 258k which is $1625/sqm to $2100/sqm. q1) I keep hearing that high end is $1300 or $1400 /sqm in...
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    Dianella vs Tuart Hill (WA)

    Im looking for a triplex site and similar size and zoning sites are appearing in Dianella and Tuart Hill but i have no clue which is more desireable. I could check stock on the market and median selling price but that may not be an accurate representation. I know its a very open end question...
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    Dual occupancy rules - WA

    Hi Does anyone have a list of the requirements for building a dual occupancy house (eg fire rating between walls and ceiling, number of kitchens and laundrys, car parking etc etc)? A document or link to a regulatory body would be helpful. Thanks!
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    Block shape - wide frontage, narrow rear

    Hi Do many of you developers stay away from trapezoid shaped blocks where the front is very wide (26m) and the rear is narrow (10m). Which such a wide primary frontage at R40 783sqm this means i must be setback 4m (from primary) and i will have a heap of open space that i cannot utilise. Are...
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    Property Condition Report company (WA)

    Hi, I have been managing my own properties for 10+years but its getting to be a pain to do the PCR every 3 months but im not ready to pay these 9.9%+GST (or 16.5% inclusive) fees just yet. I know theres a few companies that just do property condition reports if the owner finds a tenant...
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    Bypassing local councils min frontage requirements (WA)

    Hi All I have seen the below statement in a few town planning schemes and i am not sure what it really means "It has become common practice for the minimum frontage requirement of dual coded areas to be circumvented by undertaking the subdivision process before the development application...
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    building on piles in WA

    I am looking at a 17.3m wide block with a 150mm PVC sewer running 1.1m in from the rear boundary and 3.1m deep. From reading Watercorps asset protection guidelines it seems i need to be 1.5m away from sewer to build with no special foundations or 1m if i use special foundations. Does anyone...
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    R Codes (WA) 5.2 Streetscape question

    Hi Can anyone explain the following Deemed To Comply clause? C1.1 ii. to 3m where the garage allows vehicles to be parked parallel to the street. The wall parallel to the street must include openings. I am looking at a way to reduce the 4.5m setback (r40) i need for the front property...
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    Proposed Development - Point Peron WA (Mangles Bay marina)

    Has anyone being following this development by Cedar Woods in the media? It a little sad they are developing this site but has anyone done any feasibility or is it still too early?
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    Homeswest/Dept of Housing Suburb Ranking

    Hi Is there a website which lists the % of each WA suburb that contains department of housing? I was thinking ABS statistics will have this info but i cant find it.
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    Measuring land slope

    Is there an innovative and quick way to measure the slope (Drop) of a block of land without using surveyors equipment? I was pressured to put an offer on a development site (site unseen) because the agent couldnt get access to the house. The block is one house away from a downward sloping...
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    Settlement Questions - WA

    Hi I have a few questions regarding settlement. The buyer has done his final pre settlement inspection and has a few concerns. Keys missing for window bolt locks Concerns over the vent for evap a/c in bedroom Blown light globes Am i responsible for replacing all blown light...
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    Small concrete panel and post retaining wall -perth

    Does anyone have any recommendations where i can source concrete panel and posts to build a 350mm high retaining wall or any companies that can supply and install in Perth? I dont think Masters and Bunnings have the concrete panels (from searching their website)
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    Development question regarding western power

    Hi All If i develop this block i am aware l Western Power require me to install a green dome but will they also ask me to remove this little skinny power pole and pay for connecting the next door power supply to the new green dome...
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    Building near the beach- extra costs?

    I have heard it costs more to build near the ocean (beach) in WA due to different materials needed or extra rustproofing or galvanzing. Does anyone know how many km's (direct sight line?) you have to be from the ocean to be charged this amount and roughly what are the extra items and associated...
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    Development sites in Perth

    Deleted thread Thread deleted
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    Wall Vent Seal

    Are there any off the shelf cavity closers/vent seals to to enclose the large wall vents on brick walls near gas points in old houses? (I dont use a gas heater anymore) I found one on ebay but i dont think it will fit. Even if it does fit, how effective are they of stopping the winter...
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    What is a cavity closer?

    I have one in my build but i dont know why its there or what it does. Does anyone know?
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    Scenario: Claiming interest on your new PPOR as a tax deduction?

    Is it still possible to claim interest on your new PPOR if you rent out your old PPOR whilst building? " "IT2423 states that people who own less than three rental properties are not in business and therefore not in partnership under general law. This means that couples wealthy enough to be...