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    Cost Base calculations - vacant block

    Have searched the forum for this, but can't quite find exact answer I need - hopefully a straight forward ( and simple ) question for one of you more knowledgeable than I : Purchased a vacant block of land 3yrs ago with intention to build our PPOR on ( zero intentions of ever being used for...
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    QS Depreciation Schedule - 'Off the Plan'

    Regarding getting a Deprication Schedule done for a newly built house, there is an option to have the QS do the report up 'off the plan' , so to speak, as in - no site visit to the actual house - just going by information you provide to them, ie. build price, quality of inclusions, etc, etc...
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    Bundaberg - starting to move...(..thanks Gladstone!)

    Own a number of IP in Bundy/Bargara, and generally keep a pretty close eye on what's happening with property here. Been in the papers & on the news for some time now about the "Gladstone Effect" - but like most, I always treat this hype with caution But.... in saying this, I have noticed a...
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    New estate vacant blocks - covenant

    Hi all, We are seriously considering the purchase of 2 x blocks of vacant land , side by side, in a brand new housing estate, in my town. One of them will be to build our 'dream home' on, and will become our PPOR. The other block, I would like to just keep vacant, so as we can have a huge...
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    Going about it the wrong way....?

    hi all, been investing in property for a few years now, but am still VERY green at how it all works, in relation to loan structures, gearing ,etc... And reading through these (very helpful !) forum threads over the past few months, I'm beginning to think i'm going about it (somewhat..), the...