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    What would you be interested in discussing?

    Dear SSs As a property investor, what would you be interested in discussing and/or exploring at a Property Management Webimar? Really keen for your input and insights Renee
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    Advice required re: changing residential to medical consulting zoning on a house

    Dear Somersofters I am keen to draw on the knowledge of our SS colleagues in the town planning and development space. My brother is a Periodontist and keen to commence a practice in Brisbane where there is not a saturated number of other practitioners. Two areas he is keenly pursuing...
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    Interesting article from Terry Ryder re: inner city over supply
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    Pls advise of an ethical Buyers Agent in Mt Gravatt area

    Hi I have a good friend who keeps finding herself in trouble in the property buying space. After a divorce rendering her vulnerable emotionally she is desperate to buy a PPOR near her son's school. She has clear criteria for a BA. Almost signed up for a flood zone home stopping at 11th...
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    Can anyone pls let me know of a quality boutique PM agency in Gracemere

    Dear fellow SS's It appears that our PM managing our four bedroom IP in Gracemere decided to leave it for 9 days before informing us that our tenant is in arrears not to mention not returning my emails for the past month about another matter. Pls PM us or share publicly if you know any...
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    A Positive Post for the Day

    Dear SS's I had a wonderful experience today. We manage several villas with older adults residing with minimal family and/or informal support networks and often advocate on their behalf (or fix little things around their homes as family often do for older people). We managed to...
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    Sourcing a consortium of small start ups to co-purchase RP Data

    Hi SSs Just asking given the prohibitive costs of Price Finder and RP Data for small PM agencies kicking there the possibility to connect with any other SS's to buy RP Data with shared access - is this viable?
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    Taking the Leap ..Launching a new business

    Dear Somersofters Within the entrepreneurial spirit of this forum what are the appropriate protocols to share the launch of a new business on our Forum? I am really keen to share our website for feedback and have sent a PM to our Forum Moderator a week ago, however given the busy time of...
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    Taking the leap from highly remunerated role to start up business

    Hi I have made the decision to give myself the gift of taking proactive steps to fulfil the one aspect of my life to reclaim full autonomy over my life and time (time being a scarce commodity I can never get back) - to take the leap from a highly remunerated role to a start up business...
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    Seeking good advice for kitchen renovation for PPOR

    Hi Keen for some good advice - I am now moving to renovate my PPOR (inner city home 5.5 km from CBD on large 900m2 block - Gordon Park has lots of room to go up in price with recent sales (3) in the $1million range over past few weeks. For this reason I want a WOW factor that is not a...
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    Looking for colllegial feedback about Gordon Park Brisbane

    Hi Just wanting to hear your perspectives and some reassurance - often it appears tempting to want to downsize to a trendy apartment on the river but ofcourse there are compromises associated with this and costs - I have been living for 21 years in my home at Gordon Park - Beaconsfield...
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    Sharing our story on API

    Thought I would share with my fellow Somersofters that I have been having a conversation with one of the API journalists about our investment journey. Have shared our story with a focus on our learnings along the journey and what it took to start all over again when I went through a divorce at...
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    Gladstone in 2012

    I have noticed that the new builds in Gladstone targeted to the mining execs/families cost a premium when for over $100K less there are decent homes on the market that would also appeal to this target group. I am aware that you have reduced depreciation for older property, however, this cannot...
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    Your thoughts on a PPOR house swap

    Have any investors courted the idea of swapping a PPOR? How about those who want to downsize from large family homes on large blocks of land (eg. 809m2 double block) in inner city areas with some views eg. city views for say a three bedroom luxury apartment/townhome with water/city views in the...
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    Big sigh...we settled today for our Hamilton Harbour apartment

    After 2 years and 10 months since signing off the plan we settled our HH apartment at 415 pm today and it was very hard going. Gets so much harder serviceability wise when you get up to seven properties over a 2.5 year period when predominantly focusing on capital growth; what a relief though.
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    Seeking a motivated PM in Rocky

    Keen to hear if anyone has a great PM to manage one of my properties at Gracemere. Current agency appears to have area 'sewn up' on the gravy train for all investors coming from certain property advisor companies. Keen to access a PM agency that returns email and calls.
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    How much of a buffer do you have to service IPs

    Just a broad question for discussion - for individuals with larger property portfolios e.g. 5 - 10 IPs how much of a buffer do you like to keep in place to support ongoing serviceablilty - obviously many variables exist re: portfolio - do you have any general rules of thumb that you draw from...
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    Stamp Duty now double in Qld

    I am amazed Terry Ryder's article in the Australian this morning; incentives for first home buyers and disincentives for the rest of the market; how will the impact of this policy influence community and investor buying and selling activities? :(
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    Nathan Birch in July edn Australian Property Investor

    Saw Nathan's article in API this afternoon; impressive combined energy and outcome; purhasing a cheapie in Muswellbrook (small regional NSW mining town; Terry Ryder recommends this area for future growth; as a result of Terry's recommendation my partner and I checked out the town Dec 2010...
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    Brisbane is at or close to bottom of property cycle

    Keen to start a conversation about Brisbane - interesting market; nothing is black or white; I have noticed that the post war homes on good blocks eg. Stafford/Chermside as some examples becoming more affordable and in many cases cheaper than new apartments in the same area (Chermside as one...