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    Newbie question about building issue

    Interested in buying a property in qld inspected it (not too bad inside - average for the area) On the outside it seems the fibro panel (notsure hence the question) is coming off on one side) Have been negotiating with the vendor (Im quiet cautious due to building condition and am...
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    NSW with net return neutral - houses

    Well seems to be not in Sydney/Illawarra/Central Coast Any ideas of locations in NSW where properties are rent with net cashflow being relatively neutral? Prefer something that rents for around 300pw Rental expenses include - Rates Water Insurance PM fees Interest on purchase...
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    Offers over in Brisbane (Logan)

    Is this common in the area at the moment? Have 2 properties im interested in 1) started with offers above a certain price a month ago. Was then reduced to offers above 30k below the original price. I feel the value is around the current asking price. The house does have an illegal above...
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    Public Trustee - Brisbane Auction

    Just wondering if anyone has bought or looked into buying through the public trustee - brisbane at auction? Just wondering how picky they are on reserves? Seems as if the market isnt hot in parts of Brisbane (especially on properties that are unconditional sale and requiring work) Did...
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    Cost of Custom Build v Project Build Home

    Had a talk to a few project home builders They were saying custom designed homes would probably cost the same (per m2) as project homes and just to include the architect fees on top. They said they would not be able to price anything until all the plans are done and it would cost $2k to...
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    Unpaid leave affects loan application

    Just wondering if anyone could provide information on whether plan to take or while unpaid leave affect loan application? Planning on taking a few months of unpaid leave where i would be wanting to buy some investment properties in locations away from home and also add value
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    CF+ regions - Logan V Ipswich V Other Brisbane V Any other suggestion

    Part of my strategy for my next investment is acquiring a cf+ property and holding to overcome my issues with my current plans which is loan serviceability. Pretty much only interested in extremely large town or capital cities. Based in Sydney, Brisbane is preferable as travelling there is...
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    buying in queensland

    Im looking at buying in QLD (from NSW) and a bit confused in differences I asked for a copy of the contract - few agents said there still organising it (though auctions in a week?) Ones ive recieved do not have a title search or council search Is this normal or do i need to chase up...
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    Seperation of 2 Dwellings and Zero Lot Housing

    Just spoke to my council in relation to a detached dual occupancy and they mentioned they dont care how close the two properties are as long as they meet BCA codes. Im not too familiar with these codes but from i have read it I understand it is 1.8 metres unless fire rated materials are used...
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    Kingston / Logan Area

    I know there's multiple threads on this but I created this one to answer questions that hopefully have not been asked or answered. Before I ask just thought i would outline my goals. After an investment that is cash flow positive (well neutral to minor negative at first is not a big deal)...
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    Logan Council Legislation

    Does anyone know what the equivalent of the LEP and DCP (as used in NSW) is called for Logan City Council? From what im aware there are 2 zoning to looks R250/R600 (i know of 1000+ but wont be looking into them) In terms of dual occupancies + multi unit what documents would be the best to...
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    PM around St Marys - Western Sydney - NSW

    As in title looking for recommendation for a PM around the area Thanks
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    Whats everyones opinion on the new land releases around kellyville? There seems to be one around Memorial Ave (in between civilisation i guess) and another one around Barry Ave (Outside of existing Kellyville/Rouse Hill) Barry Ave seems to starting around mid 400s for a high 300's m2 block...
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    Vendor wants to rent back

    Signed a contract to an investment property (with some development opportunity) 6 weeks settlement which I dont like but accepted at the time (no real issue to me) Plan would be to rent while the DA is prepared and at council. Did initially submit a request to have the settlement...
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    Bellmarch homes

    Just wondering if anyone has feedback on this builder? feel free to inbox me if you like instead of posting. The reason why im looking at this particular builder is there design and price (I want the house as narrow as possible (corner dual occupancy while retaining the existing property) and...
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    granny flat on strata title? sydney

    Are granny flats allowed on strata title? got a 800m2 property in penrith council (corner block) which i want build a detatched dual occupancy and subdivide which will work out with existing house having 500m2 and the new house with 300m2. As for penrith council they only allow strata...
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    buying part of a lot? possible even?

    No idea if this is remotely legally possible. But is it? To buy few m2 of a neighboring lot so your current lot is more potential? If so what would be involved other than convincing the neighbor?
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    small house design cost - Sydney

    Any builders in sydney have small home designs? Probably a bit out of demand in todays market but just wondering what cost would be expected to build a brick veneer house of around 105m2 (7x15m) including a single garage comprimising of 3 bedroom + 1 bathroom finished to very basic standards
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    Property Conveyancing - Parramatta NSW

    Can someone recomend me a property conveyancor/ solicitor in Parramatta (or nearby) Thanks Just had a terrible experience with someone I was about engage (just customer service point of view)
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    Anyone have experience dealing with blacktown council - dual occupancy

    Has anyone had experience dealing with blacktown council in terms of dual occupancy. There DCP seems to be really unfriendly to this idea with the only possibility of subdivided blocks on land over 600m2 and are corner blocks. Having a good read one of the major obstacle other than finding...