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    Build granny flat or by new property

    This question has been discussed a few times in this forum. Currently the Sydney market is a little hot at the moment and although Id like to buy another property Im not sure its the right time now. I am chasing capital growth, however do like the security of a good yield. If I buy another...
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    Renovation before property is tenanted

    I have just settled on a property (4BR house) for 440K and have been doing some renovations to it New paint Floorboards to kitchen and dining New kitchen Some exterior work All up this is costing my about 20K. It should rent for about 400 per week unrenovated and 450-460 per week...
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    Illawarra region for CG

    Iv been looking at a few properties around shellharbour and oak flats which are close to the beach/water. The marina is due to be completed also What's everyone's thoughts on the region. There's been a few new developments around shell cove and there's even a sign for shell heights also now...
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    When to register for land tax?

    I currently have one IP which was my PPOR, but has been rented out for 2-3 years now. I have never registered for land tax as I had been under the threshold. I will be acquiring a second property which settles next week. When should I register for land tax as I think both these properties...
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    FHOG/CGT question.

    I have a friend who has currently bought a new 4BR property using her FHOG as PPOR. Market rent is about $440 per week. She will be renting out the other 3 rooms. The boarders will be living there one or two days a week. (however are willing to pay a whole weeks worth of rent to secure that...
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    Tax deduction for Repairs/ inspections of a purchased IP

    Hi all I'm just wanting to clarify whether the following is tax deductible prior to the purchase of an IP - Building and pest reports - Lawyer fees - Stamp duty - Repairs/ improvements before the property is rented out (eg new shower/update kitchen/floorboards/paint, fixing leaking taps...
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    Flood zone? Development potential?

    Hi all In the past I have tended to avoid buying properties that are in a flood zone. However, I came across this clause in a contract that I am looking at and am worried it will affect my ability to build a granny flat/ subdivide in the future. part 7a - flood related development controls...
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    Gutter cleaning

    Does anyone have any recommendations for gutter cleaning in the Bankstown area?
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    Split system aircon in Sydney

    I'm looking for a low maintenance split system AC unit to cool about 30-35m2 in the granny flat Any recommendations ? How much should I budget? Is it worthwhile buying one under finance / interest free payments ? I have increased rent by $20 per week
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    CGT on an IP turned PPOR

    Hi all Am considering buying a property as an IP which may become a PPOR in the future. Would it be wiser to move in initally (and rent the rooms separately), keeping PPOR status, or simply rent it out as an IP initially? I currently have a PPOR turned IP which has already had an equity...
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    Sydney neutrally geared apartments? 400-500K

    I know the Sydney market is really hot right now, but I have some equity (probably about 100K) and would like to look into something which ends up neutrally geared to slightly negative. I am considering apartments around the 400K mark, and getting a 95% no LMI loan (professional) Income is...
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    Honan/Chubb insurance

    This is the first I am inquiring about this as I always thought that I had building insurance. Does the Chubb/Honan Landlords Building policy cover as a building insurance policy of a landlords policy
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    Cracked wall tiles!

    Hi guys My property manager has just alerted me to the following. The tenant has taken some images but Id like to know how I should proceed for this issue. I have no idea how long this has been there for. I believe the house is sitting on piers, could it be that the piers have moved? What...
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    Salary sacrifice into investment loan

    I am considering a position with a new non for profit employer which allows me to salary sacrifice into a home loan. I am not sure of the maximum amount I can salary sacrifice. Is it possible to salary sacrifice into an investment loan and still deduct expenses? (and negative gear if I need...
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    Ideas for capital growth

    What do you guys suggest would be worthwhile for about a 400-600K budget? My initial plan was to get a house with land and build a granny flat on the back (replicating my initial investment strategy). However, with the market in its current state I'm not really sure what to do. Perhaps it may...
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    Gutter cleaning/ gutter guard

    My IP is in a very leafy area and I was weighing up the options of a bi annual gutter clean or just getting a gutter guard installed. I have a quote for the installation of a gutter guard at $1300 (includes clean also), however, I assume I can only depreciate this item and not claim it as a...
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    PPOR near Sydney city or rent?

    Circumstances have changed and I would like to move out of home into a location closer to the city. Most likely I will be moving in with a friend and so she will be able to split costs/mortgage costs. I currently live at home and have an IP in Sefton. Is it worthwhile to buy a PPOR unit...
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    Rainwater suppl

    I just noticed that, as I have a rainwater tank, and a lot of leaves and tree sap from the trees next door, that the water supplying the toilet flushes brown. (lots of rain last night) Is this something that I should rectify prior to tenants moving in? I'm worried if the supply for the...
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    What to do with vacant property

    Hi all, I have been trying to lease out my properties with the local agent but am not getting anywhere. Perhaps it is because of the season or December period. My house has been listed for over a month with no genuine inquiries. The agent has done open homes and there have been people going...
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    Privately managing and the ATO

    What sort of records would suffice to the ATO that I have leased my property out privately? At the moment all I have is the tenancy agreement form, and an excel file of transactions. Do I need deposit slips/receipts etc? It's only for a short term 2 month lease until they are ready to...