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    'Medico' package (85%+ LVR with no LMI) for IT workers

    thankyou, appreciate all the advice.
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    'Medico' package (85%+ LVR with no LMI) for IT workers

    95% loans with Medfin To the brokers, do you guys have access to Medfin or Investec experien? A colleague of mine has an investment loan with them at 95% and I wonder if these are considered as part of a normal loan work up from a broker or if I should get the details on these and then compare...
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    'Medico' package (85%+ LVR with no LMI) for IT workers

    Chiropractor | Clinic owner.
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    'Medico' package (85%+ LVR with no LMI) for IT workers

    Medicos Hey guys, Does that mean if I am a medico I can get special deals?
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    Help a Noob

    Hi Everyone, I am relatively new to SS and property investing. I have been lurking around this site for a few months now and reading practically every thread. I have an extensive library of books I am steadily making my way through and I am getting things organised to see a mortgage broker very...
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    How much do you spend a year (living expenses)?

    I love using the slow cooker. I mostly do shanks and roasts when I cook but my wife does most. She does a great cauliflower shepherds pie ( no pastry), chicken and zucchini pasta or cauliflower rice. Not overly complex. Just good Paleo recipes.
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    How much do you spend a year (living expenses)?

    Yep, we cook all of our meals from scratch. Admittedly it is probably lower now that we make our own almond milk and coconut flour etc as we just got a Thermomix. We source all our own suppliers for food as 99% of super market is crap and even the organic delivering companies need work as their...
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    How much do you spend a year (living expenses)?

    Wow, I thought $550 per week on food was cheap!! How the hell do some people only spend $5 per meal... without buying pure rubbish. we eat only organic so admit there is a (easily worthwhile) premium to this but still I'd eat $5 worth of "budget" meat as a snack let alone to feed a family!! I...
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    No profit ??? Why should I buy?

    Hardball Did you try insulting the REA's mother? I hear that gets them on side and easily a $20K discount.
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    I like the other Forum better

    100% this ^^^^^. when did anyone need permission to join a forum?? WTF?
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    Sweet, thank you.
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    Hi everyone, I know this must get asked bit but I have searched and didn't find clear responses. Just quickly what software do people use to analyse choices in potential buys. I know a lot can be done on paper quickly etc but for someone starting out I want to ensure I include all costs so I'm...
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    FHB Carlington vs Dulwich Hill OTP

    Local Hey there, Whilst I am new to this game I have lived/ went to schcool very close to this property. It has been growing very well and the suburb is definitely going to continue. The light rail has seen interest here jump alot! However this particular property is on a very bad section of...
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    Western Sydney Meetup - Wednesday 20/5/15

    Hey everyone! Hi Everyone! This is my first SS post. I'm green but studying like a demon at the moment. I'd be keen to come and just listen at this event. Would you say it would be worthwhile for a noob? Hoping there might be a mentor out there!