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  1. Cazza

    Renovation of a PPOR - where to start. Help!

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone could please offer some insights into the renovation process as we are totally 'green' in this area. We have recently acquired a home that needs some work to get it up to todays standards. We have renovated small scale before, not to this level and as this...
  2. Cazza

    $500K in Melbourne - where would you buy? (Needs to be west)

    Hello everyone, I've always found the information here useful and was hoping for some assistance and advice in regards to our situation. We have about $500K max budget to buy a house in Melbourne's west. We have been looking around West Footscray, Maidstone, Keilor East, Glenroy, the...
  3. Cazza

    2 mortgages - 1 as PPOR and the other an investment

    Hi everyone, Bit of a long one - sorry! I'm wondering if I could get some advice or suggestions from anyone who is in the same situation: I currently have a rental property which I purchased with the first home buyers grant nearly 12 months ago. The tenant will move out soon - before the 12...
  4. Cazza

    Please help - Apartments in Melbourne

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if you could please help me. As a yound married couple we are looking to enter the Melbourne market by purchasing an apartment up to about $275 - if we MUST we may be able to got to $300K but I think this is just crazy considering we want a one bedroom apartment...