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    Battleaxe block - issues to be aware of?

    We are looking at a potential PPOR on a battleaxe block. The value of the purchase is in the land content, 395sqm, there's a daggy duplex on top but the price I'd say is block value. The price actually is a bit lower than comparable block sizes in the area. Perhaps because it's a...
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    Buying a car - how much to spend?

    So no one's ever made money buying a car. However, it's time to upgrade from the 1993 Laser. I've been talking about this for a while but can't bring myself to part with the dollars upfront, or the cashflow drain over a 5 year finance contract. But it must be done. I need something half...
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    Underwater mp3 player - recommendations pls

    Just did 2.2km in my lunch break and I really had to push to get to the end. It's not the physical activity, but the boredom of swimming laps. I'm bored after about 1km or 20 minutes. Can anyone recommend an MP3 player to keep me motivated? Otherwise I'm thinking of getting some water...
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    All ords and uranium companies - time to buy?

    Those into shares, who is looking at buying right now? Paladin for example is off 40% over just a few days. Thoughts?
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    Tipping Freo tonight

    Freo are paying $6.75 tonight. Now given they're gonna ROCK Geelong, anyone reckon that's worth a punt?
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    Canterbury Property Services

    Has anyone had any experience with this company? Thanks.
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    How low will the ASX go?

    Will we crack 4000 points? It is looking more and more like it. I think we could get to 3500.
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    PM Fees NSW

    Being from the wild west where seemingly we pay higher fees than on the east coast, I need some input as to whether the following fees for a NSW house & flat set-up would be considered reasonable: 7.7% on gross rent 2 weeks rent letting fee for 12mth lease (1 week for 6mths) $5.50 monthly...
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    Anyone read books on NLP? I just ordered "Introducing NLP" (Seymour) and "My Lessons with Kumi" (Colgrass).
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    Buying in trust to increase serviceability

    Perhaps this has been covered before, but I couldn't find much running a search. Anybody care to elaborate on the above?
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    Bees - how to get rid of?

    We have an old couch on our front porch which some bees have taken a liking to. I called the council (Town of Vincent) who put me onto a bee catcher who informed me $120 to remove. I was under the impression a bee catch would remove the bees for free (as they keep the bees/eggs for their own...
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    Got the cash - how much for deposit?

    If you've got the cash for 20% down on a purchase (and that's all the cash you have), what do people prefer - a) 20% deposit, little or no LMI, loss of liquidity without refinancing b) 5-10% deposit, excess cash to offset a/c, some liquidity (eg to buy shares, another IP deposit etc)...
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    Affording first IP - Strategy?

    I've been lurking around here for a while now and have come to the conclusion that I can afford an investment property, but at the same time can't afford one. Let me go into a little detail... First of all, I'm a student so my income is around 10-15k pa (note I currently live at home so my...