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  1. im sparticus

    CBA's Transactional Offset

    I got the fee waived just the other day, they said they were in an introductory period where they were waiving the fee for existing customers. does anyone know how to tell if your complete access is offsetting when i had a look it seemed like nothing had changed in netbank? im leaving most of...
  2. im sparticus

    reneg on notice to vacate

    thanks for the imput team, I think i will take my chances and get them to sign now. If the existing tenants dont vacate on time (they have already given notice to vacate) do you think i have a claim on their bond if the new tenants seek compensation?
  3. im sparticus

    reneg on notice to vacate

    Thanks Terry, Im trying to work out weather i should sign a new tenant now or wait till i have vacant possesion. Should you sign a new Tenancy Agreement before you have possession? Ive just never been in the position to have a new tenant available 1 month before the old tenant vacates...
  4. im sparticus

    reneg on notice to vacate

    senario: existing Tennant gives notice to vacate 1 month from today. landlord signs up new tennant today lease comencing 1 month from today. existing tennant renigs on notice and continues to occupy the property beyond there notice period. Question: who is responsible for damages...
  5. im sparticus

    IP in Sydney <10km within CBD up to $600K?

    Ide look at easern suburbs. best value i think is maroubra you might be able to get a nice but old 2 bedder with some ocean views for that price. worth a look.
  6. im sparticus

    Changing 2 tap heads to 1

    If i was going to leave the cabinets in situ i would just remove the fittings and bog up the holes then cut hole (the whole backplate if need be) below sink level. Find wher the pipes are in the wall (if rendered brick and you cant find them cut a horizontal line at or above where you want your...
  7. im sparticus

    Changing 2 tap heads to 1

    Going from wall mount to sjnk mixer is relatively easy i actually just did this for my latest kitchen reno. Just chase the pipes out of the render cut the old stuff off leaving the pipes ending below sink level bog up wher the pipes used to run with plaster or render or whatever connect your...
  8. im sparticus

    Moving To Brisbane from Sydeny/ where to buy?

    If you are to have any hope of being happy or remaining in brisbane after comming from sydney and the shire i would not be venturing to far from the city 5-10km and not more than afew km from the river less than 5km dont go near the bayside suburbs every sydney sider i know ends up hating it and...
  9. im sparticus

    Is 70msq big or dog box?

    Sounds a little small, at that size things will usually be compromised ie no balcony laundry in bathroom shower over bath kitchenette dining living is one undersized second bedroom or no room for builtins, will depend on how well they have used the space, i try to keep things so the only thing...
  10. im sparticus

    Public Liability Insurance

    Dont think that policy covers bussiness activitys conducted within a private residence.
  11. im sparticus

    covered calls

    Kinda like selling comprahensive car insurance policies for $500 specialising in under 25s with six figure motor vehicles giving half away to the broker plus a 20% discount to the buyer and then wondering why the premiums just arnt covering the claims let alone making a profit. ps there is...
  12. im sparticus

    4 Corners -Bankwest Programme 9/4/12

    Lol another student of youtube listen to what your saying the fact that the total lending is higher that the first initial deposit is irrelevant total lending will never be greater than total deposits but will be greater than total reserve dont confuse the two like those youtube videos that...
  13. im sparticus

    4 Corners -Bankwest Programme 9/4/12

    If they had a deposit of 120k they can only lend out 100k leaving 20k in reserve or whaterver the fraction is the point is they can not lend out more than has been deposited.
  14. im sparticus

    Hot Water Heater replacement RHEEM

    bunnings are doing dux hot water heaters might be worth a look the 160litre 3600watt i was gonna buy was $700 so your 80ltr is gonna be alot cheaper I actually baught mine off ebay from a guy in melbourne was a rennai which is a rebranded dux even comes with dux valves for $800 delivered which i...
  15. im sparticus

    help getting a small job done

    Today i experimented with 10 sheets trying to work out if i need help or not the first few were tough and did get there corners a little crushed say about 2-3cm the whole job was very daunting to begin with and i really didnt think it would be possible. earlier in the day my cars battery...
  16. im sparticus

    Brisbane surely is a bargain.

    apparently there will be a wollies or coles in the retail part of the mill development further down the track which i think is all albion is missing.
  17. im sparticus

    Our "funky" fireplace... render it?

    I have been sticking my plasterboard to masonary with cornice cement lots of little blobs like a meatball at about 30cm centres (a bit cheaper than the masonary adhesive and when your done you can use it for the base coats and cornice just push the sheets in evenly with a long straight edge) not...
  18. im sparticus

    Cashflow and Capital Growth

    Does the granny flat ever adversly affect the houses yeild?
  19. im sparticus

    cheap frosted glass sliding wardrobe doors

    I tried really hard but could not find anything cheaper than twice that price was quoted up to $750 per door and i think that was just stuck in a standard mirror door type frame I think the panel look is abit nicer probably alot cheaper to manufacture aswell (next closest was flatpax at bunnings...
  20. im sparticus

    help getting a small job done

    It was a slow progression to finding the answers that came after i posted the thread but before you posted. by the time you had posted we had moved on to the risks involved in hiring help and how to control them.