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    seperate land title

    My neighbours property is currently on the market, the problem is that it is a strata titled house with units adjoining the shared driveway, house is out front, fully fenced block, units out back. I was wondering is there any possible way to acquire a complete sperate title for...
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    Your opinion on "NEW" RAMS 90% no doc

    State is N.S.W, Is a low doc loan and no other security involved. The Figures were/are based on a 240k loan with a 265k purchase, I have the deposit in cash. (25-27k) I knew there would be LMI etc i just didn't think it would be 6k!!
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    Your opinion on "NEW" RAMS 90% no doc

    Rams I have just put in an application for a loan of this type, The LMI/rams risk fee based on $265000 purchase with a 26k deposit (loan of 240k)came in at $6000.00 I don't think this calculation is correct, that is over 2% can anyone shed some light on this for me? Please?