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    Reno Kings 3 day workshop

    We went to the 3 day workshop last year on the Gold Coast and found the workshop good, lots of information & ideas, most I already knew but I was trying to enthuse my hubby. Player also attended. Regards Sheryn
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    Trusts: What do you want to know

    Terry & Coastymike Interested party here also as I am looking for more information on bloodline testamentary trusts to share with my elder batchelor brother as I believe that is what he needs to set up to achieve his wish that his hard earned money stays within the family bloodline. Also...
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    House Maintenance, Whos Responsibility

    Check to ensure gutters are full of leaves etc and not just overflowing in heavy rain. Your tenants maybe thinking that they are reporting a potential problem to the PM and not realise that overflowing gutters occur in heavy rain. Ask PM to check with tenants to clarify. Regards Sheryn
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    We were the odds ones out today at Mullumbimby

    No we didn't sample the product. Probably should have written 'vibe' instead of 'feeling' in OP. As hubby said he now knows where old hippies and old cars go... Bottom line the people seems happy, relaxed and not stressed. Most carried their produce around in a cardboard box or recycable...
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    We were the odds ones out today at Mullumbimby

    Today we drove over to Mullumbimby to have a look as it has been a long time since we have visited the place and found we were the odds ones - how we dressed as we do not dress in alternative, hippy or natural fibre etc. Funny feeling as we wandered the town streets, very laid back...
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    Gold Coast SS Dinner Nov 15 Benowa Tavern

    Can't make it again, but I did manage to visit Rockstar and see his latest project which is now up for sale. Caught up with his wife and did an inspection (ocean views) the afternoon before they flew out to Nz to volunteer. Still haven't found an IP to buy for son and am frazzled looking...
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    Hard work looking for something to buy

    Agree, we ahve been looking for 5 months and it is hard finding a property or a block of land where the numbers work OR that you can do something with. Sheryn
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    Teenagers, Piercing and Tattoos

    Think I was about 40 odd and my daughter shaved and waxed my legs, probably only shaved my legs about 6 - 7 times over the years but I do shave under my arms redwing! Never really worried me.
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    Teenagers, Piercing and Tattoos

    I said no tatts to our kids I emphatically told both of our kids (boy & girl now 30 & 32) that they were not going to being getting any tatts etc. as it limits their employment. Their friends did and both our children are now glad they did not get tatts' & have said the same to us. Our kids...
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    How can we help our son to choose what he wants to do at uni?

    wylie Spotted vocational guidance add in todays local paper, should be someone in Brisbane who does it as well.. cheers Sheryn
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    duplex or triplex completion time

    Sesster Councils can hold you up big time when you are seeking approval (5 months is the longest delayed approval for us then it was Christmas time) so 18 months is not unrealistic. Sheryn
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    My fixed price contract was only fixed until the builder wanted more

    People do make mistakes Redrock Discuss options with your lawyer, you signed a contract in good faith and take it from there. An experienced builder would know approximately how much the build was going to be by the square metreage of the 2 units and should have checks and balances in...
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    I've decided not to get married or have children .. Is that ok?

    oOo Yes it is definitely OK you have thought about marriage and kids and decided against both. Contentment is what people seek during their lifetime, be content. Go for it Sheryn
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    How do people manage their lifestyle goals in amongst getting IP early on?

    Horses for courses... Calculate how much trip will cost you to fly to Cairns and hire a 4WD etc. That will be a good indication of actual cost & always remember vehicles break on the cape so there will need to be a contingency. Then work out how long it will take you to replace the money...
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    How can we help our son to choose what he wants to do at uni?

    Wylie Good Information from Auntie Angel. At our local uni they run a 6 week course on how to read, research and write a uni assignment it used to be free but I believe they now charge a small fee. This is also a good taster for anyone thinking about going to university and is often a...
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    Logan Central, QLD??

    Nice areas in Logan under and around 400k are moving IMHO based on the fact that there are less For Sale signs on houses in good brick subdivisions. Prices haven't moved up stock is being sold down. Closer to Brisbane CBD developer type properties have moved up 50k ( talking to REA that...
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    This is why I like self-managing...

    All in the same street can make it easier too Wylie We don't manage our 4 IP's but they are all in the same street and our daughter lives in the street as well. Today I received a phone call from my BIL wanting to know if our tenants in the 4 bedder are moving out as there is a cleaning...
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    Do you know anyone like this

    Horses for courses Or alternatively she doesn't have the ability to read people's body language. Charity begins at home so let us know how she gets on when you invite her over to your place. A friend of ours is extremely good with numbers, shares etc but she was behind the door when...
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    Annoying PM

    Rich Don't panic as this may well be a small teething & communication issue, some agencies send out statements mid month or end of month. If your PM is involved in a court case then their workload would be busier this week. Let us know what the statement says! Sheryn
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    Gold Coast SS Sept 6th Dinner - Benowa

    Can't make this dinner, we are driving to Brisbane tomorrow morning but we have take the dog we are dog sitting as we are staying a few days and inspecting some properties etc. and I know the Tavern would not let the dog in ;). Have a great evening... Sheryn