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    Hilarious - Elevator ghost prank

    Also lift related and funny :)
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    Romney vs. Obama

    Neither....same puppet different heads. Ron Paul might make a difference however.
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    Adelaide Meeting

    Just noticed this, have been catching up with like minded peeps for a while now, should be able to make this, meet some new faces. Thanks Luke
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    Investors in Adelaide - Where are your hot spots

    I have properties in Christies Beach and Port Noarlunga. Never had a issue with vacancy's really and I made sure my purchases were in the south side of beach road in CB. Mine are units though so houses may be different. :)
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    Thinking about getting an investment property

    I'd say in your circumstances investing $500k in one property would be a little too "all eggs in one basket", I would got for 3 smaller properties or 2 medium ones. If there rural then you might get closer to + cashflow but I find even when the rent covers the mortgage with all the other costs...
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    Are u an internet nut - poss' huge potential but I could be wrong !

    My cat used to do it all the time, damn near finished the rat population in one go! However bringing them in alive into the parents-in-laws house..not so good :D Have you tried removing the antidote to see if it starts again and isn't just coincidence?
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    Should ALL petrol engines be serviced every 5000?

    Amazing how many people have no idea.....I did some work on someones car the other day, Oil level below the stick, one tyre down to 10 PSI. :rolleyes:
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    Adelaide - Northern Suburbs

    When did you do this, was it recently? I will be doing the same soon...
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    Cat urine smell in house.

    Had the same issue with a tenant before we bought the unit. Tenant hid the cat when inspections were on and it piddled on the carpets in all rooms. Carpet cleaning is a waste of time unless the underlay is Ok and its a concrete floor. Our solution, pull up the carpet and ditch. Underneath was...
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    Adelaide - Northern Suburbs

    Sorry the couple I have are in the southern suburbs but I'm looking in northern suburbs, sorry if I was confusing. :)
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    Adelaide - Northern Suburbs

    I've also been looking to buy again in the northern suburbs this time, and whilst i think its not a bad time to invest in Adelaide, I think there are better states in terms of capital growth to invest in. I already have a couple here so my next move will either be regional SA or interstate.
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    Should ALL petrol engines be serviced every 5000?

    I do my cars at 5000 but I work in a garage. Our company vehicles are done at 15000, by that time the oil is black/brown then. But it does depend on the car.
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    New Adelaidean - pls help with strategy

    Have to agree with this statement myself, i take the same view. I'm always in buy mode if the deal is pos cashflow.
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    Adelaide get together

    Struggling also with the FB link, is it set to friends only or somethin?
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    Finding the same thing at the mo here. Rents are good, any prop I go and see the agents are really keen to sell. Big discounts to be had if the vendors will take low offers. Still not too keen to take on more dept right now though. Could be a good chance to get as close to pos cash flow as...
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    The great silver crash-sell sell sell

    Oh many Lols to be had on this one. This is the same logic that Gordon Brown and his band of merry men took when they sold off a heap of gold back when it was 280 quid an ounce. Only lessons i've learnt are profitable ones ;)
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    Vehicle Rust Prevention

    Back in the mother land (UK) i'd recommend it but really here its not needed. I have a 22 year old subaru and its still like new underneath.
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    experiences and opinions on long distance relationship pls.

    Yeah 1 hour plane ride meh... is that classed as long distance? ;) Yeah i'm 24 hrs away from my family, I was 24hrs away from my now fiancée for about 6 months on and off and I knew I had to make a decision in the end and I chose it. Worth it for sure but it brings about my goal for my...
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    Anyone in Adelaide going to this?

    Thanks to Xenia and Steve for an informative night, I took on some new ideas and suggestions. Good to catch up with Joe too :)
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    Anyone in Adelaide going to this?

    Hmm, i shall go and have a listen to what Steve has to say. I'm keen to learn new things and meet people with have similar interests.