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    Adding value to a PPOR and then selling

    So - lets you have owned your ppor for say 10years and have always lived in it (ie - its never been a rental), and are ready to move on - any sale proceeds are tax free. In order to maximize the sale price you want to do a bit of 'sprucing up'. You run out and replace flooring, throw in a...
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    What are your plans for 2015

    So - almost everyone has seen the "2014 achievements" thread - if not here is the link. Last year it was an "achievements and goal setting" thread, but looks like this year we are separating them. So - who has set their 2015 goals/targets? Lets hear them. By the look of it, they are...
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    FX "investing" when short

    I am firmly convinced that the AUD against the USD is due for some devaluation. However, I believe this will be a slow, gradual decline - maybe over 12+months. Is there anyway to go "short" on the USD, for a long term "investment". I understand that trading FX is a high risk and when you...
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    How to start...exercising

    Following on from an old thread about how "old" we all are - there were a number of comments (including my own) referring to the dangers of living a sedentary lifestyle. Well, Im a bad culprit for it. I work long hours when I work (12+/day) of which 99% of it is office based. When I get...
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    A shout out to Brady

    Brady might be a "Big 4" banker but he puts the clients needs first. I know plenty of bank bashing goes on - but I have always said that its the individual you deal with who makes the difference. Ive dealt with some horrible brokers (none from the forum), and the experience is no better than...
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    Buying international shares

    I know - probably the wrong forum, but someone here may know. I am looking at purchasing a packet of shares which are listed in the USA. How can I buy these? How do people buy US shares, what is a good/the best platform. Im intending to buy a number of packets, but it will be an...
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    A message from my 2yo nephew

    There are som many potential quotes for this... Bu I'm going with "you will miss 100% of the shots you don't take"
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    Perth - July 2014

    ok - lets kick things off. Ill make the call. When - Saturday 26th July Where - TBC - The last one I was at was in kingspark. But it was summer time so warm and comfortable to sit outside (I was told this after the lunch, as to be honest I couldnt feel much except my exploding head). So...
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    I doubt anyone here is old enough to remember the "Bartons" stores in Claremont and Nedlands? I know I cant. Well, anyway, they were owned by my grandparents - in fact, half of Claremont was owned by my family - before they sold/lost it all :( Anyway, my dear old Nan was a horder. She...
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    Perth Meeting

    Well, its time to kick this discussion off again. There has been discussion of a meet up in mid March which suits my travel plans. I think the last one was held on a Saturday which by all reports was well recieved. So lets go with Saturday 15th March. I am due to arrive on the Friday, so...
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    Found this

    Im not sure about others, but I have always struggled with my spending habits. I have even posted on here previously about this, and have received some helpful advice from other more frugal people on the forum. I wont say I am bad with money, I actually consider myself fairly frugal - especially...
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    Damn it's cold

    We had a bit of a cold snap over night. It has dropped from about -1 to -15 over night. Add a bit of windchill and its around -20. Cant wait for winter to really set in :rolleyes:
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    So come January, Im off to Moscow, Sakhalin and then into Japan. I remember someone previously mentioning Sakhalin as a great place to visit. Not sure, but will find out soon enough. Also Japan - Im off to Nisseko for some Skiing - though I think what I do is more accuratly described as...
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    Impact of personal guarantee

    I'm considering giving a personal guarantee and was wondering what impact this has on my personal borrowing capacity? Cheers Blacky
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    Property sold values

    Hi All I remember previously a link being provided to a site which you could search the prices properties sold for. I have searched but cannot find it. Can someone please re-post for me. Thanks Blacky
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    It's not really adding value, but it's costing me money. I had a letter from my builder today saying I needed to be 'fibre ready' or face a $250k fine. All new builds need this. Cost is about $800/unit. But oh, you may not get connection for up to 6 years. Anyone else face this...
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    How much of a buffer?

    How much buffer is enough? Do you calculate say 12 months interest, a set $ figure, a % of total debt? What's your safety net. After years of living by the thin of my scroat I'm soon going to be moving into an agressive buying phase(spree). I'm curious to know how much of a safety net...
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    Blacky is back

    Well - I am finally back in town. Does anyone want to catch up? Im free pretty well anytime, except next thursday/friday. So I will leave it open to others suggestions. Im in Oz until the end of the month (and maybe a bit longer). Blacky
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    Perth in April

    Ill be in Perth in April, and want to celebrate my development progress (plus my new job) as well as; I am owed a lunch. I owe Dazz a shandy And I will probably owe WM a lunch in about 9 months. So - anyone free on Friday 12 April? I would suggest keeping things simple and making it at...
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    Spare cash

    So assuming you had some spare cash flow to the tune of about $1,000/pcm but not enough cash/equity to purchase another property (nor the inclination at this point) what would you do with it. Also assuming you have no non-productive debt to repay. Main options I have considered are... 1)...