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    Body Corp won't allow installation of air con

    In one of my units, the requirements were: ? Operating noise levels of the unit/system must not interfere with or disrupt adjoining neighbours and must be positioned such that the noise level at the bedroom window of another unit does not exceed 45 dB, and may after installation/commissioning...
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    reparing a phone line in the unit

    It could just be jumpering issue if the unit hasn't got a phone line previously or been inactive over 6-18 months? If it's TPG, they usually send a letter/email to the tenant claiming there is no fault on their end and the problem is on the resident's end. Read further down, there's a small...
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    Melbourne Rental Fees

    I would take out marketing & sign board fee. Statement fee seems high too. Most are just around $3?
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    Newbie... to property managers in Melbourne

    That's pretty standard. I would not pay for advertising though. Check the re-letting fee too. The exclusive period is usually 30,60 or 90 days, depending on the authority you are going to sign. It is negotiable. You can switch anytime after that. When you say North, is it Epping area?
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    Solar panels and Body Corp

    They would consider if it the solar is for the general use of the building (common electricity for lightings, lifts, etc). The benefits need to go to all lot owners, not just individual lot.
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    Poor TV Reception ($800 to repair??)

    Definitely not the tenant who will be paying.... Get a second opinion if you think it is high.....Jim's antenna in Brighton is ok...i've used them before
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    Lot entitlements/liabilities - what to do?

    You can choose to go to the meeting or not..if you object it or didn't vote for it, they couldn't get it passed through anyway as it requires a "unanimous" resolution. Either way, they can't change it without your vote! They could go to VCAT and try to get it through, then you can seek legal...
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    Insurance charges by owners corporation

    I would suspect because it is a new Owners Corporation, it will not have any funds collected from the Admin levies yet ($0 balance or near to nothing)...however, the Owners Corporation needs an insurance pay for it, you need to raise special levy (due in 28 days or something) to have...
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    Damaged window - who pays to fix?

    It does looks like a Body Corporate matter to fix....worth trying
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    Sewage Pipe Cracked

    If you have building insurance, worth checking if it is covered?
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    water damages on ceiling

    A little different than car insurance claims! :)
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    Owners corporation manager problem

    Yeah, it is fine and it is normal practise to send the levy notice together with minutes anyway? However, the decision can be challenged provided u can get 25% of owners to object it if not mistaken. Otherwise, it will be final decision.
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    A little tricky minor PM situation?

    Obviously time to change a better PM.
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    Owners corp recommendation north melbourne

    You can try They do Owners Corporation as well. Not sure if they'll take the size of your O/C but worth asking. Very good in what they are doing. :) Look for Mark or Hedley.
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    Using 2 Property Managers at th same time?

    As long as there's no exclusive management & leasing authority Victoria....
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    Break lease Fee Shock

    Seek the Tenants Union. They'd love to help you out! Then bring the matter to VCAT, you'll be paying a fraction of what they demanded! And no, they can't add you into NTD or TICA easily now. So don't worry about being blacklisted unreasonably. Obvioulsy the RE agent is trying rip you...
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    How does everyone feel about the % fee for property management

    hey Sez, which areas do you manage? Would be happy to let you do it if you service my area?
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    How does everyone feel about the % fee for property management

    Does your PM fees includes the PM for going to inspect a maintenance "request"? My PM in Melb West rang me for a few items to be fixed but she never verified it with the tenant. Things like HWS can't be turn on, water on both toilet bowls so suspecting leaking, etc. HOw hard it is to go to the...
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    Melbourne Hot Spots - Outer Melbourne

    Tarneit & Truganina is pretty much the same apples if you know what i mean. The only good part of Truganina is where it's near the freeway, Arndell Estate, where most of them are owner occupiers. Anything above Sayers rd, i believe are mostly investors. Public transport there is still...
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    new home warranty insurance

    New home warranty but not a brand new home? I don't understand? Generally, new home warranty will cover defects but not maintenance issues.